Sean Lowe Calls Himself “Jackass” After Negative ‘Wife Swap’ Reaction
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Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Calls Himself “Jackass” After Negative ‘Wife Swap’ Reaction


Did you tune in to see Sean Lowe on Celebrity Wife Swap on July 29? Though the switch up between the Season 17 star and Bachelor alum Molly Mesnick was meant to be fun viewing — with Catherine Lowe spending the week with Jason — the peek into Sean and Catherine’s home life was eye-opening… and not in a good way.


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Though Sean and Catherine are one of the franchise’s favorite couples, the reaction to the show was less than enthusiastic, with many remarking that Sean’s “dominant” role in his year-and-a-half marriage was “like something from the ‘50s.”

If you didn’t watch and are wondering — yes, he does have Catherine occasionally iron his socks, and he does request his dinner to be prepared and on the table when he arrives home. But that brief glimpse inside of the Lowes’ Dallas home isn’t a fair depiction of who Sean is, he says.


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The hunk took to social media following the episode to defend his less-than-flattering appearance on the reality show, going so far as to call himself “a complete jackass.”

That being said, it doesn’t exactly sound like Sean’s apologizing for his behavior here — more like there’s just much more to the story than was shown. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time a “reality” show took creative liberties.


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In case you’re not buying what Sean’s selling, his lady Catherine also took some time to send love her man’s way, emphasizing that she’s grateful for the “humble, selfless, wonderful husband” she married in January 2014.

Whether or not you believe this appearance was the result of bad editing, we’ll get a closer look at the couple’s relationship during their upcoming appearance on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. We can’t wait to see what you do next, Sean and Catherine. We know there’s more to you than this one episode!