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Sean Lowe Reveals “Devastating” News About Financial Problems


UPDATE (6/15/16): Sean tells Wetpaint the situation "worked itself out last month" and everything is "all good now." Glad to hear it!

Sean Lowe's financial problems aren't exactly our business...until he blogged about it and shared all of the inside details.

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The former Bachelor's financial services company failed six years ago. And while he says in the post the business didn't succeed because of factors out of his control, he's still facing legal troubles surrounding the company that were "devastating to hear."

New workspace. Old dogs.

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"Yesterday, one of my greatest fears had been realized. I was notified that there is a judgment in my name at a price that will absolutely cripple Catherine and me financially," he explained, adding, "Apparently the company that owns the office I leased sued me for breaking our lease six years ago."

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The situation is creating a lot of fear and anxiety for Sean, who is expecting his first child with Catherine Lowe any day now. His wife sounds to be nothing but supportive, with Sean explaining how she keeps reiterating that it's just money and they'll be OK.

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But the reality star is still rightfully stressed out over the situation, turning to both his father and his faith to help him through.

"I can either trust that G—d will pull me through this situation and make me stronger in the process or I can allow myself to become crippled with fear and lean on my own understanding," he wrote.

We're hoping Sean and his attorney can work through this messy situation.