Sean & Catherine Lowe Wanted to “Do Sex in God’s Way”
Sean and Catherine Lowe
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Sean Lowe

Sean & Catherine Lowe Wanted to “Do Sex in God’s Way”


It’s been three years since Sean Lowe was first dubbed the “Virgin Bachelor,” but the title seems to be holding strong.

The Season 17 star proved as much recently when he posted an Instagram of a Nashville billboard, featuring a photo of himself and the aforementioned nickname beside him.

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So how does Sean feel about that today?

Well, it honestly sounds like mixed emotions. You might think he’s embarrassed or bitter, considering the caption he included with that post.

“The Virgin Bachelor will go down as the unsexiest nickname of all-time,” he quips.

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However, the 32-year-old did get a bit more serious in a follow up blog, where he further explained his choice not to have sex with now-wife Catherine Lowe until their wedding night.

“God knows that the desires of the heart don’t always point us in the right direction,” the former reality star reasons. “The ‘go with it if it feels right’ attitude can often times lead to trouble and heartbreak.”

In other words, he wasn’t going to let the usual laissez faire attitudes of the show’s previous stars influence his approach to hooking up on the set.

In fact, even after Sean got engaged to Catherine in the finale, the two didn’t consummate their relationship — for a very specific reason.

“Catherine and I wanted to do sex God’s way. We both wanted to live in His blessing and chase after His heart instead of doing life our way,” he states.

My heart is full 🙂

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The new father continues, “The decision to wait until marriage was just an act of obedience … because we know His way is better.”

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And this obedience continues into their marriage.

“We know He wants the best for us because he loves us with an indescribable kind of love,” Sean concludes. “We might not always understand it in the moment, but trusting God will always lead to true fulfillment and joy.”