Nashville Season 2 Winter Premiere Spoilers: 6 Things We Learn From the Promos
Nashville Season 2 Winter Premiere Spoilers: 6 Things We Learn From the Promos
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Nashville Season 2 Winter Premiere Spoilers: 6 Things We Learn From the Promos


Nashville Season 2 left off with a literal bang before the holidays, and when we return to Music City on January 15, 2014, we'll find out if Will, Peggy, or both, bit the dust. We still have a long wait until next week rolls around, so for now, we'll have to be content with spoilers and promos about the episode.

Fortunately, ABC has released two different previews of the episode, and both of them are pretty revealing. We've taken a magnifying glass to the videos to see what details they reveal about the drama in store when we tune in next week.

Have a look at the first promo, and then we'll break it down:

1. So, is Peggy the one who dies? This promo opens with Teddy making a press statement about Peggy being shot. This doesn't mean she's dead — he'd undoubtedly make a statement either way — but the shots of Teddy cuddling with his daughters at :04, walking away from the parking lot dejectedly at :07, and leaning on his desk in apparent despair at :08 certainly doesn't make us hopeful for her prospects.

2. Are the girls in danger? At :04 we hear Teddy tell Rayna that he doesn't want to take a chance with the girls' safety, suggesting he think the shooter could be back.

3. Will's missing. Don't bet on being assured of Will's safety right off the bat, either. At :09 we see Brent tell Gunnar and Zoey that he's looking for Will, who hasn't been heard from since the festival. Though, actually, that makes us rather hopeful that he's alive — after all, if he were hit and killed by a train that news would probably spread fast, since, at least in the real world, the train would stop and his body would be found immediately. Silver lining, folks!

4. Juliette's shame. Meanwhile, at :12 we see Juliette in tears. Clearly, the rumors about her homewrecker status are an ongoing issue. At :13, someone even throws a slushie (or something like that) at her, Glee style. "Did you see their faces?" she asks at :16. "They hated me."

5. Another chance for Gunnar and Scarlett. No, not romantically. As the end of the promo shows, Kelly Clarkson (yes, the Kelly Clarkson) wants to record one of their songs — and she apparently needs them there. But will Scarlett's feelings get in the way? At :24 it sure looks like she's walking away from the session.

Here's the second promo:

It doesn't tell as a whole lot more than the first promo, and a lot of it is footage from prior episodes, but the one new bit of info seems pretty key:

6. Juliette passed out?! At :22 we see Juliette totally passed out. Avery even shakes her and calls her name. Did she have too much booze? Could it potentially be something even more drastic than that, like a suicide attempt? We hope not...

What do you take away from the promos? Let us know in the comments below!

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