Nashville Season 2 Mid-Season Finale Speculation: Who\'s Going to Die?
Nashville Season 2 Mid-Season Finale Speculation: Who’s Going to Die?
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Nashville Season 2 Mid-Season Finale Speculation: Who’s Going to Die?


Nashville is heading into its midseason finale with Season 2, Episode 10: “Tomorrow Never Comes,” and for one character, that title is literal. Based on the synopsis of the episode, we know someone won't survive the night, and E!'s narrowed the list down to eight potential victims.

According to E!, the death is going to be Scarlett, Juliette, Teddy, Deacon, Gunner, Tandy, Peggy, or Will. Which beloved (or not-so-beloved) character is going to meet their maker? We've ranked these potential victims in the order we think they're most likely to go, from least likely to most likely.

8. Juliette. Ah-ha. As if the show is going to kill off one of its leading ladies. Please. Plus, this would be a terrible move, since Juliette is one of the best characters on the show.

7. Scarlett. Scarlett is basically a third lead, and she has an incredible voice. Sure, she sometimes annoys fans, but we can't see the show giving up a talent like this.

6. Deacon. Deacon's an alcoholic with self-destructive tendencies, so it would be pretty easy for him to die. That said, he's also one of the most interesting and loved characters on the show, and he's in the middle of several fascinating plotlines. Why kill him off now?

5. Gunner. If they keep Scarlett, they're almost certainly gonna keep Gunner, too. We need those heartbreaking duets, after all. That said, if the show is going for a real shocker, Gunner is probably the most expendable of the major characters on this list.

4. Peggy. If this was a list of characters we want to die, Peggy would be number one. She's pretty superfluous at this point. That said, her death wouldn't be very shocking or upsetting, so we're thinking the writers might have gone with someone more significant.

3. Tandy. Tandy's death would devastate Rayna and screw up the big case against Lamar, so that would be interesting — especially if Lamar is behind it. But if the writers want a big emotional impact on the audience we're not sure Tandy fits the bill. Would anyone care?

2. Will. Will is likable, but relatively expendable. Plus, he's been lookin' for trouble recently, so it would make sense if things got out of hand with him. That said, his arc is pretty interesting and has a lot of places it could go, so we're hoping he sticks around.

1. Teddy. Killing Teddy would help cut what little deadweight remains from the Season 1 political plotline, while also creating major shockwaves throughout the rest of the stories. It would be a bold move without killing a fan fave, which might be exactly what the show needs.

Who do you think is a gonner? Let us know in the comments below!

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