Game of Thrones Season 4: Is Catelyn Returning?
Game of Thrones Season 4: Is Catelyn Returning?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 4: Is Catelyn Returning?


Game of Thrones Season 3 may be long over, but that doesn't mean fans are reconciled to the idea that Robb and Catelyn Stark are really gone for good. In fact, many fans are holding out hope that we'll see one or both of these characters again in Season 4. After all, this show is fantasy — is it possible one of them will come back to life?

The A Song of Ice and Fire book series would seem to hold the answer — unless the show goes in a different direction, which actress Michelle Fairley suggests it might. So read on to see what the book says about Catelyn's fate — and why her actress is making us wonder if things will turn out differently on the show!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Click away now if you don't want to know!

Based on the books. In A Song of Ice and Fire, Catelyn does return from the dead... Kinda. In the books, the Freys throw Cat's body in a nearby river after the Red Wedding. Her body is later dragged to shore by Arya's direwolf Nymeria, and is found by the Brotherhood Without Banners. Beric Dondarrion does his resurrection thang, sacrificing his life to revive Catelyn, who comes back from the dead as the revenge-driven "Lady Stoneheart." She takes over as leader of the Brotherhood, and goes around killing basically any Lannister and Frey she can find.

But Michelle Fairley Says... On the other hand, Michelle Fairley has said that we won't be seeing her again, and commented that she knew her character was going to die because her contract ended at the end of Season 3. Is she trying to purposefully mislead the TV-only viewers, or is this a hint Lady Stoneheart is being cut from the show?

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