Selena Gomez on Anxiety & Depression: “It\'s Not Something I Feel I\'ll Ever Overcome”
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez on Anxiety & Depression: “It’s Not Something I Feel I’ll Ever Overcome”


Selena Gomez is getting honest about her mental health struggles.

The “Wolves” songstress recently completed a 2-week treatment for depression and anxiety, but she understands her illness will be a lifelong struggle.

"I've had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety, and I've been very vocal about it, but it's not something I feel I'll ever overcome," she told Harper’s Bazaar.

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"There won't be a day when I'm like, 'Here I am in a pretty dress — I won!' I think it's a battle I'm gonna have to face for the rest of my life, and I'm OK with that because I know that I'm choosing myself over anything else.”

She continued, “I'm starting my year off with that thought. I want to make sure I'm healthy. If that's good, everything else will fall into place."

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The 25-year-old is also focused on her music career and putting out songs she’s proud of.

“My next album has been forever in the making. When people ask me why, I'm honest about it: It's because I haven't been ready,” she shared.  

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“I mean, point-blank, I don't feel confident enough in where my music is yet. If that takes 10 years, then it takes 10 years. I don't care.”

She continued, “Right now I just want to be super intentional with all of the things I'm doing."

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As for right now, the pop star is not worried about old Hollywood cliches and is instead living life the way she wants to.

"I'm not focused on the things that I used to be like, 'Do I look old enough? Do I look sexy enough? Do I look cool enough? Am I nice enough, graceful enough?' Those sorts of things would come into my mind, but now I feel a little more liberated," she confessed.

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"I've never wanted to be the kind of person who's like, 'Oh, I wish I had a different life.' This is just kind of how it worked out for me.

“I'm at the point where I know the value of my privacy, and I understand how the system works, and once I realized and accepted that part of it I've become a little bit more fearless.”

She continued, “I view it as a small price to pay for being able to have the life I have now."

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We’re proud of you for being so honest, Selena!