RHOC’s Shannon Beador’s Husband Had an Affair, Divorce Isn’t an Option
The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 10
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Shannon Beador

RHOC’s Shannon Beador’s Husband Had an Affair, Divorce Isn’t an Option


We here at Wetpaint pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise — but we didn’t see that Real Housewives of Orange County bombshell coming at all. In tonight’s Season 10 premiere it’s revealed that David Beador cheated on wife Shannon Beador.


It’s slightly surprising to see Shannon and David head to therapy to work on their marriage in tonight’s episode, given how much progress they made last year. But later on we find out just how deep the cracks in this marriage are when Shannon reveals that David had a long affair with an unnamed woman.


When Shannon’s at dinner with Vicki Gunvalson early in the episode and the OG H’wife is praising her friend on having such a strong relationship, it’s slightly unnerving to see Shannon balk at the kind words. Vicki says Shannon and David were on “the brink” and, at this point, we don’t know just how correct she is.


We then see Shannon and David packing for their getaway to get “professional help.” Shannon says she wasn’t honest with her friend about just how bad things have been lately. The blonde beauty notes that, while it’s good they’re going to work through things, she’s worried that drudging up the past will do more harm than good.

“At a time where it should have been the best year of my life, he started an affair,” Shannon tearfully reveals at the session. “I caught him whispering to this person on the phone and I suspected that something was wrong. I just knew something was different and I was told I was crazy or told I was stupid and it’s upsetting to me because I knew.”

When did Shannon find out about this affair? On April Fool’s Day, ironically enough. As David was preparing to take the kids to school, Shannon grabbed his briefcase and saw all of the hotel receipts and, when David returned, she asked him if he was having an affair and he said yes. So, is their marriage over?


“Divorce is not an option. It has never been an option for me,” Shannon explains. “I love my family and I will do whatever it takes to keep my family together.”


Later, when David and Shannon are completing one of the therapeutic exercises, David reveals that he’d been cheated on when he was younger and, even though this affair gave him “new life,” he’s well aware of the devastation it has caused his family. Oh, and remember when he moved out for a few weeks last season? Yeah, he says he wasn’t sure if he was going to come back after that. Another crazy revelation? Their kids know about all of this drama.

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