Are Shannon Beador and David Beador Still Together?
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Shannon Beador

Are Shannon Beador and David Beador Still Together?


Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County kicked off with one huge revelation: David Beador had cheated on wife Shannon Beador. We saw the couple head to marriage counseling in the premiere episode and the subsequent episode to work through the affair’s aftermath, but where do the two stand months after filming those emotional episodes? Let’s look at the evidence…


Two weeks ago, back when the new season of RHOC was just starting, Shannon posted photos of herself and David heading to, getting ready for, and posing together after filming an interview for the Hallmark Channel. The two were even joined by guest star Tina Konkin, the founder of Couples Retreat, who we saw leading the relationship workshop Shannon and David attended.


Then, last week, Shannon shared a photo of her three daughters making goofy faces which she described in the caption as the “face the kids make when they see Mommy and Daddy kiss! They act like they are disgusted, but they love it!”


This is adorable on so many levels but also a great sign that things are going great because, as we saw this season, the kids were privy to David’s affair and were really upset about it. The next photo on Shannon’s Instagram seems to prove that David’s really trying to make up for his past transgressions and is being more spontaneous with his family adventures.

Tina, Shannon and David’s relationship savior, has since posted a photo of herself and the RHOC couple which includes a very sweet quote from Shannon about how much therapy has helped save her marriage. Check it out:

And with this past weekend being Father’s Day, Shannon didn’t hold back from sharing her love for David as both a father figure for their daughters as well as a husband to her. She shared one family portrait that called him “incredible” and really showed the family’s solidarity and followed that up with a snapshot from their family bowling outing where David reigned supreme.


For those fans out there who are still questioning Shannon and David’s potential to get over the scandal, we hope this shows you that these two are still going strong!

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