Simon Saran Reveals How Little the Guys Get Paid to Attend ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Shows
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Simon Saran

Simon Saran Reveals How Little the Guys Get Paid to Attend ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Shows


Could this explain why two of the Teen Mom OG boyfriends were MIA from the Season 6B reunion show taping?

Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham’s sometimes boyfriend, is dropping yet another production secret by revealing just how much the moms’ significant others get paid to participate in the always-dramatic finale specials.

Or, let’s rephrase that — how little they get paid…

Simon attended the Teen Mom OG Season 6 reunion with Farrah last fall. They were technically broken up at that time, but we guess he showed up for moral support, which Farrah clearly needed since she, you know, got into a physical altercation with Amber Portwood and all.


However, the San Diego dude was not in attendance at the Season 6B reunion which taped last weekend in New York City, which we assumed was because Farrah is trying to convince us she and Simon are really broken up and just friends.

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But the real reason might be because the amount of money he was offered to do it is honestly embarrassing.

In a now-deleted tweet, the real estate maven shares screenshots of a text exchange with someone named Jordan from the MTV production team, asking him to attend the reunion so he can do a solo interview with Nessa about his and Farrah’s status.

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And let’s just say the crying laughing emoji was needed when it was revealed how much he’d get paid...

“$250 and they will cover flight, hotel and per diem,” the producer said, per diem likely referring to a daily allowance for food etc.


Simon’s response was simply “lol.” Ha!

Unlike some of the other TMOG significant others, Simon has a legit job as a successful real estate agent and house-flipper. $250 dollars barely covers one night out for him.

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The pay is probably higher for original dads like Gary Shirley and Tyler Baltierra, but still, isn’t the budget on the MTV series like exponentially high these days?!

This low-balled number could also explain why Matt Baier, Amber’s fiancé who claimed he couldn’t go because he was getting “surgery,” was a no-show at the taping.

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Though we think their relationship troubles have a little more to do with that…

The moms, however, reportedly don’t get paid an additional salary for reunion shows but rather get one lump sum per season.


Their Teen Mom salaries are reportedly up to over $200K per season at this point!

We’re sure the MTV cast and crew doesn’t appreciate Simon leaking all these secrets, but this is the same guy who called Debra a “dumb hooker” and accused producer Kiki of feeding Ryan Edwards’s drug habit.

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Dude has zero shame.

What do you think of the low number offered to the guys? Do you think Simon should’ve fought for more? Tell us in the comments!

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