Sofia Richie Wants Scott Disick to Quit ‘KUWTK’ — Report
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Scott Disick

Sofia Richie Wants Scott Disick to Quit ‘KUWTK’ — Report


Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are still going strong!

The two lovebirds have been jet setting around the world in recent months, but does that mean Lord Disick is done with Keeping Up With the Kardashians for good?!

Though the father of three’s career is all because of his reality TV gig, it sounds like his lady may want him to ditch it. 

“[She] wants him to quit reality television once and for all,” a source told Radar Online.

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“Scott is loving life right now because he does not have to answer to any of the Kardashian clan and he gets to live like a king.”

Since splitting from Kourtney Kardashian in 2015, the 34-year-old’s been focused on living the bachelor lifestyle.

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That is, until he met Sofia!

“Sofia wants him to quit KUWTK because she thinks that it is an invasion of his life,” the source shared.

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“The girl is so infatuated and in love with him that she is already talking about starting a family of their own.”

However, despite reportedly being in love with the teenager, Scottie knows he needs to keep his KUWTK gig.

“As crazy as that sounds, Scott is not stupid,” the source said.

“Scott knows that he needs his reality TV paycheck to survive.”

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The source continued, “But he also knows that knocking up Sofia could be his way out of reality TV.”

And don’t worry, Lionel Richie’s daughter is not dating Scott for the fame or money.

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“She is not broke by any means,” the source said.

Do you think Scott and Sofia will last? Sound off below!