Sonja Morgan: I Almost Quit Real Housewives of New York! (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of New York

Sonja Morgan: I Almost Quit Real Housewives of New York! (VIDEO)


What’s Real Housewives of New York without one half of the eccentric duo Ramonja? Well, we almost found out, apparently, as Sonja Morgan admitted this week that she nearly ditched her soul sister Ramona Singer and quit the show entirely! But why?

Both blonde besties stopped by HuffPost Live this week in anticipation of the Season 7 premiere, and during their chat, the subject turned to how this year has been a lot more “separated.”

“Well, there’s so many more cast members,” Sonja explained, before dropping a bombshell. “I felt ganged up on last year, so I was sort of like, ‘I don’t know if I want to get back into this.’”

Say what?! We had no idea that the spiciest New York Housewife was thinking of leaving! Luckily, she didn’t and we will have her around for another year, though it sounds like some of the hard feelings between Sonja and the other women are still alive and well.

“The girls last season were not supportive of my businesses,” she said, explaining that they’ve scrutinized her event planning company as well as her fashion/jewelry line, which she just recently premiered at New York Fashion Week.

“Do you think they just think I can handle it more, so I’m the whipping boy?” Sonja mused aloud, as Ramona chimed in, “They can be a little meant to Sonja, I admit that.”

But despite all that, the nearly-divorced Ramona sounded mostly positive about the new cast dynamic, now that Dorinda Medley has joined and Bethenny Frankel has returned to the fold. “Somehow we all gel and work together,” she dished, referring to ladies this year as “the Three Fs: “feisty, fun, and lots of fighting.” Still, Ramona added that they always make up and “nothing gets too dark.”

We can’t wait!

What do you think: Should Sonja have left or are you happy she stayed? Sound off below.