Are Spencer & Caleb Dating on \'Pretty Little Liars\'?
Spencer on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

Are Spencer & Caleb Dating on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?


The Pretty Little Liars Season 6 winter premiere made it clear something was up between Spencer and Caleb after the five year time jump. But what?

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At various points in the episode, both characters awkwardly mentioned running into each other in DC, and Caleb even said he was staying at Spencer's barn while he was in Rosewood.

She also called him after Charlotte's shocking death, and seemed super concerned when she learned his bromance with Toby lives on. Plus, they are both single, as far as we know.

These signs seem to point to romance, and showrunner Marlene King isn't exactly shutting the speculation down on Twitter:

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So, why all the weirdness? Here are our five best guesses about what could be going on with this potential new ship:

Yep, they're dating. Maybe it really is what it seems: These two have reconnected, are dating, and don't know how to tell their friends and, most importantly, exes.

They hooked up, once. Alternatively, maybe they aren't dating, and really are just friends — but friends who had one drunken night together. That would explain the awkwardness but still be forgivable; while we doubt Hanna or Toby would like it, one hookup probably wouldn't stand in the way of a Haleb and/or Spoby reunion, or cause a big problem in the Liars's friendship.

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They are starting to have feelings for each other.
On the flip side, maybe they have just been hanging out as friends... but are starting to develop feelings for each other, and can't decide whether or not to pursue them.

They have some secret project. Maybe this is all a giant mislead, and really they're just working on some secret business or political campaign they can't talk about.

Spencer and Caleb
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They're totally creating evil plots together. Hey, it's Pretty Little Liars — we always have to be suspicious of everyone!

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