Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Regina Is \
Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Regina Is “Afraid to Let Love In”
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Regina Is “Afraid to Let Love In”


Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) might finally have a shot at love on Once Upon a Time, since apparently she and Robin Hood could be each others' second chance at True Love. But just because pixie dust said it was possible, it doesn't mean Regina is about to leap into Robin's arms.

In fact, Lana Parrilla told TV Guide that we shouldn't expect sparks to fly immediately when these two reunite in Storybrooke.

"She's terrified. She's afraid to open her heart and afraid to let love in," she explained. "So many things have been taken away from her. ... She doesn't believe that... this love has the potential to be as deep and real as she dreamt."

Well, that makes it sound like Regina is aware that love could exist between herself and the bandit leader of Merry Men. Will she feel a spark? Or will she see his tattoo, which would clue her in that he's the one Tink told her about?

Whether Regina ultimately finds love with Robin Hood or someone else, we hope that she learns to open up her heart and take another chance at happiness eventually.

Source: TV Guide

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