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Teen Wolf Spoilers: Stiles “Loses” a Certain Status — Will It Be With Lydia? Dylan O’Brien Says…
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Teen Wolf Spoilers: Stiles “Loses” a Certain Status — Will It Be With Lydia? Dylan O’Brien Says…


Lydia may be hooking up with one half of the Ken Doll twins (Aiden, ugh), but it’s Stiles who may have the last laugh.

At Teen Wolf’s 2013 New York Comic Con panel, creator Jeff Davis hinted that Stiles “loses a certain status this season”... one that’s “important to teenage boys.” In other words, Stiles is totally getting laid in Season 3B! But who will the lucky lady be?

During the panel Jeff teased that there will be a new love interest for Scott, but when we asked Dylan O'Brien whether or not Stiles would be getting a new lady love this season, he said Stiles is still very much caught up on Lydia.

“He’s taken with Lydia,” Dylan told Wetpaint Entertainment. “He loves Lydia. He doesn’t really have time for any girls, let alone another one in his life right now.”

It sounds to us like Stiles might lose his v card to the fiery-haired banshee this season. But don’t expect it to happen so soon, Stydia fans. After all, she has a boyfriend, and Dylan says Stiles is comfortable waiting on the sidelines for now as long a Lydia is happy. (Also, creator Jeff Davis likes to compare these two to The X-Files’ Mulder and Scully, so it’s all about the slow burn with these two teens.)

“Stiles is comfortable with having Lydia in his heart,” he told us. “He knows he can’t force her to reciprocate [his feelings]. He’s had a lot of experience in this field at this point with her not reciprocating. I don’t think he’s a jealous guy. He wants her to be happy. He does have strong feelings for her, but he has a lot of other stuff going on that has to come first.”

And that “other stuff” is intense! Wetpaint Entertainment got a glimpse of Season 3B at NYCC, and we’re a little worried for Stiles. It looks like saving Beacon Hills came at a price for our heroes. Jeff told Wetpaint the theme for Season 3B is a “psychological thriller,” one that is rooted in consequence.

“This season is all about the psychological craziness that Scott, Stiles, and Allison have to endure,” Dylan told Wetpaint. And from what we can dish, Teen Wolf fans, we’re more than a little worried for Stiles.

What do you think about Stiles possibly losing his v card this season? Do you think he will finally hook up with Lydia? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the winter premiere of Teen Wolf on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 10 p.m. ET.

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