The Walking Dead Spoilers: When Is Mega-Villain Negan Coming?
The Walking Dead Spoilers: When Is Mega-Villain Negan Coming?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Spoilers: When Is Mega-Villain Negan Coming?


UPDATE: During the Amazing Arizona Comicon in January 2014, Robert Kirkman shared more details on Negan joining The Walking Dead TV show. “It’s a question of when not if," he said (via "We actually talk about that a bit in the writer’s room as to when it would be appropriate to bring him in and what needs to happen in order to get to that point. Unless the show gets canceled abruptly very soon, you’ll see Negan on the TV show. Like Season 9?" Season 9 sounds too far off. We were thinking Season 6, but maybe Season 7 or 8. Let's haggle!

Original story:

Do you hate The Governor on The Walking Dead? Prepare to hate Negan just as much … whenever he shows up.

Comic book fans often debate The Governor vs. Negan in terms of which guy is more evil, or makes for a better/worse villain. The AMC show hasn’t been sticking closely to the comics, but it did introduce The Governor, whose storyline is going to continue into Season 4 (which starts October 13) including more pieces from his comic book history.

In an interview with TV Guide, comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman and new showrunner Scott Gimple were asked about adding Negan to the mix. His storyline doesn’t show up until much later in the comics — in fact, his debut was in issue 100 — but since timelines are shifting all over the place on the TV show, would they consider introducing Negan sooner?

“That's definitely a real temptation when you are adapting a show,” Kirman told TV Guide. “It's sometimes a struggle because I feel like there are very cool things that are waiting in the wings in the comics that we could do earlier in the show. But those things only work the way they work because of everything that came before them. We have to build up to them properly. Negan isn't going to be as cool if we don't set up this, this, this, and this. We do want to do Negan, and it seems likes everyone on the show does want to do Negan, but we are going to have to do all these other things first.”

Gimple added, “Reading the book now and reading Negan as a character, I'm like, ‘Damn, there's so much to do before we get to him!’ One of my favorite issues with him recently was the Carl/Negan issue. I think it'd be such an amazing episode of TV, but we have a lot to do before we get there.”


Stop reading if you don’t want to know comic book spoilers.

In the comics, The Governor is long gone by the time Rick’s group encounters Negan. He's the leader of "The Saviors," a violent group that basically threatens other survivor communities into giving them supplies in exchange for protection from walkers. Negan's favorite weapon is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, named "Lucille." Negan does bad things to our now Team Prison group (especially one beloved character in particular) but he takes an interest in badass young Carl, whom he calls the Saviors' "guest" and treats almost like a protege.

Are you curious to see Negan, or is that story not even on your radar at this point?

Source: TV Guide