Stacey Dash Reads Mean Tweets About Her Cringe-Worthy Oscars Moment
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Oscars 2016

Stacey Dash Reads Mean Tweets About Her Cringe-Worthy Oscars Moment


Stacey Dash’s confusing appearance at the Oscars this weekend will go down as one of the most awkward moments of the 88th Academy Awards.

But at least the Clueless star knows that. In response to everyone’s baffled social media responses, the conservative human lightning rod is doing her own “Mean Tweets” video.

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"I just walked off stage where I got no applause, no boos, nothing,” the 49-year-old said about her short, cringe-worthy bit. “People were, I think, awestruck, which was a little disappointing.”

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The Fox News contributor’s arrival was especially shocking since she’s called for the end of Black History Month and the BET channel, but was jokingly introduced as the Academy’s “director of our minority outreach program.”

Social media comments ranged from the straightforward — “#BitchBye” and “No one likes you” — to the menacing, like, “I’m sick of your s—t I’m pulling up.”

While the Bronx native’s controversial comments rarely make her anyone’s favorite person, no one is looking for her to get assaulted.

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Hopefully Stacey stays safe and manages not to insult anyone for more than a few hours.