Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery Wants on ‘Big Brother’ After Prison
Steven Avery Making a Murderer
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Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery Wants on ‘Big Brother’ After Prison


Steven Avery might be serving a life sentence for for first-degree murder, but he still has dreams of being released from prison.

Those plans are actually pretty specific, as the Making a Murderer subject hopes to join a very different series on the outside.

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Steven’s looking to enter the Big Brother house.

The 54-year-old still hasn’t been able to watch the Netflix documentary detailing his controversial case, but he’s a fan of the CBS summer reality show.

"I like Big Brother,” he told InTouch from behind bars. “Yes, I would go on it!”

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If Steven went all the way in the TV competition he wouldn’t want to keep his prize, despite being incarcerated for nearly the last decade.

“But if I won, I wouldn’t need the money, so I’d have to donate it,” he explained.

It sounds like the convict believes BB fame is possible, since he expects his latest appeal will eventually make him a free man.

“I’m going to be free,” the Waupun Correctional Institution resident declared. “I’m 1,000 percent confident that I’ll be free.”

His new attorney, Kathleen Zellner, is a big part of that confidence. “I don’t think there’s a lawyer in Wisconsin that could top her, and her record shows it,” Steven added.

“I know Kathleen will get down to the truth. I’m not going to lose.”

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We’ll find out soon if Steven is right — Kathleen’s appeal is due in just a few weeks on August 29.