Walking Dead Spoilers: Steven Yeun Addresses Glenn\'s Baseball Bat Foreshadowing
Walking Dead Spoilers: Steven Yeun Addresses Glenn’s Baseball Bat Foreshadowing
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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Spoilers: Steven Yeun Addresses Glenn’s Baseball Bat Foreshadowing


Apparently Glenn’s The Walking Dead comic book death is completely fair game to discuss in the open with no spoiler alerts. Robert Kirkman spoiled his own comic book storyline on @midnight, noting that eventually a character named Negan arrives and kills Glenn with a baseball bat named Lucille. And last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live — when Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) were all on the show — Jimmy casually asked Steven about all the Season 5 foreshadowing for his character’s death.

"In the graphic novel, your character gets killed with a baseball bat,” Jimmy said. “We've seen what may possibly be some foreshadowing?" Steven said, “Yeah, Glenn loves to touch bats. Touch em, handle 'em.” Jimmy noted that Austin is a great place to touch bats. He then segued into asking all three actors if they've been told by The Powers That Be not to worry, that they're safe for a certain amount of time. They all said no. They discussed their fears of reading the script and finding themselves not in it by the end. (They would get a call first from Scott Gimple, though, right?)

Walking Dead Spoilers: Steven Yeun Addresses Glenn’s Baseball Bat Foreshadowing
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Steven said it’s funny because no matter what he’s doing, he will stop in his tracks when the new script comes in. TWD scripts take priority in life, as they should. David Morrissey (The Governor) once told the A.V. Club it takes eight days to shoot each episode of TWD, adding, “we get the next episode four days into our shoot, so on that fourth day, we all disappear to our trailer and read the next episode. I tend to read it backwards to see if I’m still alive.”

Steven probably hasn’t seen a Negan death script yet, since it’s too early in the overall story for that, but what’s with all the open Glenn/Negan talk? There was an intentional bat reference in the Season 5 premiere, when Glenn almost got his head bashed in, and then Glenn used a bat in Episode 9 in Richmond, which also included what some fans interpreted as hints to The Saviors as well as Negan. Is this too much foreshadowing, to the point where they migh remix the death and give it to someone else, or are we indeed working up to this major event, perhaps this time next year?

What do you think about all this Glenn/bat foreshadowing and the open discussion about it? Too obvious now or just working our way toward the inevitable? If you think Glenn — or anyone — will get that Negan/Lucille treatment, when do you think it will happen?

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