‘Supernatural’s 11 Best Brotherly Moments Between Dean & Sam Winchester
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‘Supernatural’s 11 Best Brotherly Moments Between Dean & Sam Winchester


No one would mistake Supernatural for a rom-com. This is the show that started off with the motto “No chick-flick moments” and two twenty-something year old men calling each other “bitch” and “jerk,” after all.


But with Season 11 — 11! — premiering tonight, it’s clear the Winchester brothers made up for the lack of romantic love with tons of beautiful brotherly moments.


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Check out our 11 favorite bro moments below, and make sure you keep a slice of comfort pie close by just in case you shed “A Single Man Tear.”

Dean choosing Sam over closing the door to hell forever in Sacrifice


The demon tablet storyline gave us some amazing moments — like the brothers looking way too good in hipster glasses — including the most touching scene ever between the boys. Although our favorite moose (Jared Padalecki) is convinced his brother doesn’t need him, Dean, played by Jensen Ackles, admits that despite their difficult history there’s nothing “past or present” he would ever put in front of his brother.


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The gift swap in A Very Supernatural Christmas


While Dean is usually the less traditional Winchester, back in Season 3 he desperately wanted to celebrate his “last” Christmas before going to hell. Although Sam put up a tough fight for most of the episode, he surprises his big bro with a fully decked-out motel room, a candy bar, and oil for the Impala by the end.

Dean consoles a dying Sam in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1


Hugs are pretty hard to come by in the Supernatural universe. It’s so difficult that Sam had to literally die for Dean to hug him. But we bet that fatal stab wound to the back was worth the embrace.


Sam admitting it’s him and his brother against the world in Fan Fiction


The 200th episode had everything — musicals, muses, and a quick heart-wrenching moment. After the Winchesters save a play inspired by their lives, they catch a few minutes of it in the back. As the fake version of Sam says, “[It’s] the two of us against the world,” to theater Dean, the real one says to his older brother, “What she said.”


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No one said these hunters were good with their words, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t cry.

Their heavens were connected in Dark Side of the Moon


In Supernatural, only soulmates’ heavens can be connected. And seeing as the Winchesters explored theirs together, that pretty much sums up their relationship. While we’re not shipping Wincest over here, we do think these boys would be absolutely lost without each other.


Dean not leaving Samifer in Swan Song


While Sam-as-Lucifer completely beat Dean to a pulp, the shorter-haired hunter refused to cut and run on his Sammy. Their brotherly love — and an extremely reflective surface — managed to save the entire planet from literal armageddon.

Sam’s complete panic over Dean’s impending heart failure in Faith

It might be hard to remember, but ten years ago, the close-as-can-be bros hadn’t talked in years. That’s why Sam’s complete terror over Dean’s near-death experience was all the more touching by the middle of Season 1.


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That adorable wrestling moment in Tall Tales


Not everything needs to be doom, gloom, and destruction here! Their fight over a wad of cash thanks to trickster mojo was A+ comedy and super cute.

Dean giving up his “normal” life in It’s a Terrible Life


The angels played a trick on our beloved hunters, wiping their memories and putting them in depressing desk jobs (there’s a lesson in there somewhere). Although they’re total strangers originally, the amnesiac Winchesters are teamed up and fighting a ghost by the episode’s end.


No matter what, these two will always find each other.


Sam learns to fix Baby in Fresh Blood


As Dean gets closer to hell in Season 3, he decides to show Sam how to take care of his pride and joy — the Impala. While his imminent demise hangs awkwardly in the air, the near-death Winchester brings on even more tears by asking, “that's my job, right? Show my little brother the ropes?”

Sam watching his older brother scream like a small child in Yellow Fever


The only way you deal with that screech is if it comes out of a family member. And the feather-haired hunter never even brings up Dean’s squeal again. Someone deserves the Brother of the Year award.


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Here’s to at least 11 more aww-worthy moments in Season 11

Supernatural premieres tonight, Wednesday October 7 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.