Tami Roman Has a Strong Message for the Alt-Right: Don’t Let Your President Get You F—ked Up!
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Tami Roman

Tami Roman Has a Strong Message for the Alt-Right: Don’t Let Your President Get You F—ked Up!


Basketball Wives star Tami Roman, like many of us, found herself disgusted with the parade of neo-Nazis and white supremacists who took to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.

It was also clear President Donald Trump all but blatantly sympathized with the angry mob, causing even more division in an already contentious nation.

In her latest Bonnet Chronicle, the reality star decided to keep it real with those in support of the alt-right movement, warning them that the days of black apologists are soon coming to a close, which could mean serious physical consequences for those who continue to publicly spew hate speech.


Tami starts off the address with, “Dear simple-minded white people,” which definitely threw a few of her white fans for a loop.


She does explain in the video’s caption, however, that she’s speaking specifically about those who support the ignorance that transpired at the University of Virginia.

This happens to include more than a few Trump supporters.


“I know when y'all was at the rallies, the president slid through and let y'all know that he was one of y'all.

“So y'all came out in droves and voted to make sure that, in fact, he was your president. So now you feel comfortable to be out in these streets doing all this s—t you doing.”


"I said that to say this: don’t let your president get you f—ked up, ok? Because we are not our ancestors, bitch."


The 47-year-old mother went on to explain that the respectability politics of yesteryear are winding down, as are the days of boycotts and marches that seemingly change nothing.


“Let me tell you something about me: I’m flat-footed, I wear Louboutins, I got bunions and I got corns, I only got 50 good steps in me.  If you run up on me, you getting that ass kicked.“


She went on to dare the alt-right to confront black folks in predominantly black environments, an offer we strongly doubt they’ll take into consideration.


“I think it’s a lot of people out there that feel the same way, we not gonna play these games with you out here in these streets, and you need to know that.


“Take that shit down to [historically Black colleges] Morehouse or Spelman and Prairie View and Howard. Bring that shit to Crenshaw & Slauson and see what the f—k happen to you!


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