Tamra Judge Slams Tabloid Story Alleging Her Granddaughter Has “Health Crisis”
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Tamra Judge Slams Tabloid Story Alleging Her Granddaughter Has “Health Crisis”


Despite what you might have read, Tamra Judge’s granddaughter is actually happy and healthy.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is lashing out after a tabloid story claimed her son Ryan Vieth’s infant, Ava Ryan, was facing a health crisis.

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According to a RadarOnline.com story last week, Ava only has one kidney and spoke to an “expert” — Dr. F. Perry Wilson — who said that it’s very unlikely that the organ disappeared and that Ava only having one kidney would have been discovered during ultrasound. The doctor calls what happened to Ava congenital absence of the kidney.

Now, however, the reality star has taken to Facebook to stand up for her family, including little Ava, and is slamming the story noting that Ava, in fact, has one functioning kidney.

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“My granddaughter is not having a health crisis as reported,” Tamra wrote on Facebook, lashing out at the doctor quoted in the story as well as the outlet. “Yes she has only one functional kidney, she is healthy and happy despite what was reported today.”

In an interview with Real Mr. Housewife, Sarah Rodriguez, said the baby has been diagnosed with a multicystic dysplastic kidney and that Ava is seen by a doctor every six months to ensure that what happened to her left kidney doesn’t happen to the one on the right.

Ava was born to Ryan and Sarah in February 2015.