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Taylor Swift Reveals Which Celeb Baby Is Featured on “Gorgeous” (UPDATE)


UPDATE (11/10/17 at 8:35 a.m.):

Taylor Swift has confirmed whose baby voice is featured on her new single, "Gorgeous" — and sorry, folks, it's not North West!

The pop star revealed who the little star is in the booklet for her new album, Reputation, which drops today, November 10.

Drumroll please...

It's Ryan Reynolds's and Blake Lively's oldest daughter, James!

"Baby intro voice by James Reynolds," Tay wrote in the album notes.

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Glad we cleared that up!

For theories on why Kimye's daughter could've been the one featured and more about the hit song, click on!

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Original story (10/25/17 at 11:35 a.m.):

Every time Taylor Swift releases a new song, Swifties go crazy deciphering lyrics and formulating theories about to whom the song is referring.

And her latest track, "Gorgeous" has spurred some of the weirdest fan theories yet, like — could that be the voice of North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, featured on it?!

Taylor released "Gorgeous," her third song from upcoming album Reputation, on Friday, October 20.

At the very beginning of the new tune, a small child can be heard saying, "gorgeous!"

Almost immediately after its release, Taylor stans took to Reddit with theories about whose voice this is, and lots of fingers are pointing at North West.

It seems like a pretty random thought, but not if you look at Tay's history with Kimye — or the rest of the evidence.

The award-winning singer seemed to make up with Yeezy at the 2015 MTV VMAs after their infamous "Imma let you finish..." incident at the same show six years prior.


But her feud with Keeping Up With The Kardashians couple became more complicated in the summer of 2016.

Never forget that's when Kim released audio of a phone conversation between her husband and the pop superstar, seemingly proving Taylor consented to Kanye calling her a "bitch" on his track, "Famous."

As for the North West thing, Swifties think the 27-year-old took audio of their 4-year-old daughter out of spite and as a way to get back at her Hollywood frenemies.

You know, in addition to calling them out in her new album's lead single and music video, "Look What You Made Me Do."



It sounds like a pretty crazy theory, but, as Teen Vogue points out, the rapper also has a song titled "Gorgeous," so it's probably not a coincidence.

Plus, Reputation as a whole is rumored to be about the Hollywood stars who've done Taylor wrong over the years, so you never know!

However, the Grammy winner would be in some serious legal trouble if she stole the toddler's voice without her parents' permission.

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Instead, it's much more likely the baby voice featured on the track is that of James Reynolds, daughter of squad members Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, or Leo Thames, Jamie King's son and Taylor's godson.

Or here's a thought — maybe the audio is simply Taylor as a child, captured from an old home video?

As per usual with the "Shake It Off" singer, we'll likely never know whose child's voice that is, nor will we know for sure about whom all her new songs are written.

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But the least we can do is pick up on the clues! 

Reputation comes out in its entirety on Friday, November 10.