Taylor Swift\'s New Song \'Ready For It\' Has Arrived
Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Ready For It’ Has Arrived


Taylor Swift's new song "Ready For It" has arrived, so let the deciphering begin. 

The track was posted to the star's YouTube channel on September 3. 

"Ready For It" comes off the singer's upcoming album Reputation, set to debut on November 6.

The album's first single "Look What You Made Me Do" premiered in late August to mixed audience reception and lots and lots of sales.

"Look What You Made Me Do" is an anthem to Taylor's dark rebranding, and came right off the heels of the star deleting most of her social media presence, and then reinstigating it with some posts of snakes.

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In case you missed it, the Old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...because she's dead.

(New Taylor does, however, continue to draw criticism for not using her massive platform to publicly denounce Donald Trump.)

Taylor's new track "Ready For It" is the singer's latest ~romance~ song, which means the internet is likely about to spend a whole lot of time deciphering its lyrics. 

Which of Taylor's past or present lovers is the "killer" who has left girls "haunted?" 

The lyrics do notably make multiple references to an island.

A second glance into #reputation...ready for it? Link in bio.

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Taylor sings, "I see how this is gonna go / Touch me and you'll never be alone / Island breeze and lights down low/ No one has to know" and "But if I’m a thief then / He can join the heist and / We’ll move to an island." 


Some fans will no doubt speculate that the island lyrics point to the song being about the star's ex Calvin Harris. 



A second glance into #reputation...ready for it? Link in bio.

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While still together back in 2016, the pair was photographed on a beach vacation in a locale that very well could have been an island. 

But, it looks like a lot of that documentation went down the drain when the singer erased her Old Taylor social media presence. So honestly, who knows? 

Others are hypothesizing that the song could be about her rumored new relationship with Joe Alwyn. 


A second glance into #reputation...ready for it? Link in bio.

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Knowing the world, there are probably also approximately one bazillion other theories! 

What do you think about Taylor's new track? 

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