Teen Beach 2’s Mollee Gray Dishes on “Twisted” Role in Teen Pregnancy Drama — Exclusive!
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Teen Beach 2’s Mollee Gray Dishes on “Twisted” Role in Teen Pregnancy Drama — Exclusive!


Last month Wetpaint chatted exclusively with Teen Beach 2 actress Mollee Gray — who plays Giggles in the popular Disney franchise — about the highly-anticipated sequel, and though we’ve come to know her largely for that role Mollee, 24, is looking to branch out and take on a variety of projects.

In Part Two of our exclusive interview Mollee, talked about her role in the intense Lifetime teen pregnancy drama, Double Daddy, what she thinks of the recent format changes to So You Think You Can Dance (Mollee made it to the Top 8 in Season 6 of the FOX reality show) and the artist she one day hopes to collaborate with on a song.  

Check your local TV listings for the next airing of Double Daddy, and be sure to read our interview below!

Double Daddy seems like a dramatic turn for you. What was that experience like?

My experience with Double Daddy was one of the most exciting in my career yet. This movie was my first lead role, so that was really exciting. I loved how much responsibility I was given as an actor!

Do you prefer lighthearted material, or are you interested in tackling more dramatic roles?

It’s really fun to play the more dramatic and twisted roles. Since my personality is lighthearted and bubbly, I love getting to play the complete opposite!

What do you make of the stage vs. street format changes on SYTYCD?

I think it’s an exciting change! I can’t wait to to see how it goes and I am glad that the show will be showcasing the different avenues in dance!

You're also very musical. Any dream collaborators on that front?

I am a huge fan of Tyrone Wells. I would freak out if I ever got the chance to collaborate with him!