Teen Fakes Pregnancy With Triplets For 10 Months
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Teen Fakes Pregnancy With Triplets For 10 Months


A 16-year-old Michigan teen is under investigation today after admitting to faking her pregnancy with triplets for 10 months — using the website FakeABaby.com

The unnamed teen — who lives in Wyandotte, Michigan — accepted countless baby shower gifts and thousands of dollars in donations from family members, a church, a nonprofit, and a Facebook group called Moms of Triplets.

“I was excited, don’t get me wrong, but I was scared,” the teen’s boyfriend, Jordan, tells WJBK. “I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time.”


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“For about 10 months ... she gave me the story about micro preemies and how her doctor thought time would be better in there than time in the incubator,” he continues.


Eventually, it was a Moms of Triplets member who discovered the ruse, recognizing the teen’s ultrasounds as fake. Turns out, the images were from FakeABaby.com.


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“Down to baby A, baby B, baby C, the placements of the babies — they’re the exact same,” says an aunt of Jordan’s. “You can put them side by side, and the only difference you’re going to see is that she used a fake doctor that doesn’t exist. She put my nephew’s name on the ultrasound, which you cannot do.”


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Jordan’s aunt then called the authorities, and the teen confessed the scheme to detectives. Her brother told WJBK that she lost the babies at six weeks and didn’t know what to do, but the cops don’t even know if she was ever pregnant — or if her parents are in on it!


Authorities are now determining whether the teen’s actions were criminal; in the meantime, the donations are being returned.