Tyler and Catelynn Break Down Over Relationship With Carly\'s Parents: \
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Tyler and Catelynn Break Down Over Relationship With Carly’s Parents: “I Don’t Really Care Anymore”


Their clothing business has been the focus of their storyline thus far on Teen Mom OG Season 7, but things get real emotional real quick as Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra turn into Carly territory.

As the couple prepares for their first visit with their adopted daughter in over two years, emotions run high as they reflect on how much they miss their first-born — and how frustrating it is that they don't get more time with her.

The tears first start a flowin' in a candid conversation with their adoption counselor, Dawn Baker, who tells them Brandon and Teresa Davis, Carly's parents, scheduled their annual visit when the Baltierras will be on vacation.


"If it comes down to it we'll cancel our vacation, but... I try not to make it difficult.," Cate says, holding back tears.

"They always seem like things are difficult and I'm not trying to make it difficult. I've been trying and offering and then I get ignored for months and then [Teresa] finally answers me."

Cate, who undoubtedly is triggered by conversation about the 8-year-old, then confides in her husband that it's not fair they're being penalized because Carly wants to know more about them.


"I feel like I get punished because my kid asks questions about me and wants to know where she comes from," she says. 

"What do you think adoption is?!"

Great q, Cate!

And while Tyler tries to be diplomatic about everything, he's having a hard time with it, too.

"This may sound mean but I don't really care about the relationship between Brandon and Teresa," he tells producer Kerthy.


"It's just not on my priotity list. I think it was to a point but it's not the case... they have to allow me to have a relationship with her but at the same time, they're not the goal. I love 'em, they're good people and they're raising her right but I don't really care anymore."

We saw the Tierra Reign co-founder act a similar way back in 2016 when the topic of Brandon and Teresa came up — he admitted he was frustrated that they wouldn't allow him or Cate to share recent photos of Carly online or even talk about the adoption on the show.

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"We should've never done an open adoption,” Tyler admitted. “We should've stuck with the closed and we should've never signed up to be on TV.”

He added, “I will never silence what I have to say. It won't happen."

Luckily, the birth parents and adoptive parents have since made strides, and the Michigan couple is allowed to discuss Carly in some capacity on-screen.

Plus, they did end up seeing their daughter in August for the first time since their August 2015 wedding — but the child's face is cut out of all photos from the meet-up.

It'll be interesting to see how the Catelynn/Tyler/Brandon/Teresa relationship develops over the course of the season — and the course of Carly's life, TBH.

Do you think Catelynn and Tyler have a right to be frustrated? Should they be given the chance to see Carly whenever they wish? Tell us below!

Teen Mom OG returns Monday, January 1 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.