Post-Accident Dylan O’Brien More Important Than Ever on ‘Teen Wolf’
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Teen Wolf

Post-Accident Dylan O’Brien More Important Than Ever on ‘Teen Wolf’


Dylan O’Brien might still be recuperating from his near-deadly Maze Runner accident, but he’s more vital than ever on Teen Wolf Season 6.

Everyone from star and on-screen BFF Tyler Posey to creator Jeff Davis can’t stop talking about the 24-year-old’s essential role in the MTV drama’s upcoming episodes.

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“In the beginning of Season 6, they are not better than ever, [but] they kind of come back to the Season 1 vibe,” Tyler, 24, told Entertainment Weekly after Scott and Stiles’s best friend breakup last season.

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“Everything’s laid out on the table,” he continued, “there’s nothing hiding between the two of them and that really creates a really solid bond or brings back the bond that they used to have.”

The pack leader’s words should be music to any fan’s ears after the pals’ falling out, when villain Theo made Stiles’s self-defense killing of a monster look like a rage-induced murder.

“The love between Stiles and Scott [will] grow even more,” Tyler added. “Fans are going to fall in love with that. It’s a new level of Sciles.”

The TV hunk’s Dylan-focused comments follow very similar ones from Jeff Davis.

“You fall in love with Stiles every episode,” the writer forecasted. “Stiles is a big part of the season because a lot of this season’s mystery revolves around him.”

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The wisecracking lacrosse player’s many relationships will come into play, too.

“We’re going to see just what Stiles’ friendship means to Scott, Lydia, and Malia,” Jeff continued.

And, yes, Stydia shippers, that means we’ll finally understand “what his will-they-or-won’t-they relationship is with Lydia.”

So don’t worry, Stiles fans — Dylan is just as much the heart of Teen Wolf as ever.

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres this fall on MTV.