\'Bachelor\' 2016 Talks Race For the First Time on MLK Day
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The Bachelor

‘Bachelor’ 2016 Talks Race For the First Time on MLK Day


Diversity (or lack thereof) on The Bachelor has long been swept under the rug — until last night, when one contestant took matters into her own hands.

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God bless Jubilee Sharpe, you guys! And did we mention it was on Martin Luther King Day?!

As one of this season’s few non-white contestants, Jubilee first alluded to the problem early on in the episode, when she complained about the “type” of girls Ben Higgins seemed to gravitate toward.

“I think it’s the really nice girls, and the everything’s always good girls, and the really happy girls,” Jubilee complained to fellow contestant JoJo Fletcher. “I see exactly who he’s attracted to … He has a type and it's not me at all.”

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Sure, she didn’t come out and say it exactly, but the 24-year-old definitely seemed to be referring to the prevalence of pixie-like, blonde “princesses” in Season 20’s group of contestants. We don’t blame Jubilee for feeling like she didn’t fit!

Nonetheless, the U.S. Army vet was chosen to join Ben on a 1-on-1 date, and that’s where things really got interesting.

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While the two were playing shuffleboard (yes, really), Jubilee tested out the waters with her handsome suitor and jokingly called him “white boy.” His response? To laugh along with her!

She didn’t let it stop there either, later explaining how happy she was he didn’t get awkward about the comment. “I’m not that white,” Ben quipped back playfully, proving he’s not affected by it.

To that end, during the Bachelor Live after show, we got a deleted scene of Jubilee teaching the Bachelor the “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” dance! We wish it’d been included in the episode, but at least there was a little bit of black culture in the mix.


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Speaking of Bachelor Live, thank goodness for comedian John Mulaney, who really nailed the problem between Jubilee and the other contestants. In response to their end-of-the-episode vendetta against her, he half-joked:

“Love Jubilee, huge fan. I thought she was treated unfairly this week. The girls, they pounced. They taught us a weird lesson on Martin Luther King Day, which is: if someone is different, you pounce like a bunch of rats. Those white devils went nuts.”

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Thank you! We know this was part of a bit, but we’re glad someone was brave enough to talk about the real issue at hand.