‘The Hangover’ Baby: See What Grant Holmquist Looks Like Now
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‘The Hangover’ Baby: See What Grant Holmquist Looks Like Now


The Hangover stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms are still frequent attractions at your local multiplex — but what about their little, scene-stealing co-star? Grant Holmquist, who played baby Tyler/Carlos in the raunchy comedy, is growing up before our eyes.


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If you’ve seen the third Hangover movie — and judging by its box office totals, not many of you have — you already know what Grant looks like nowadays, since he beat out legions of older actors to reprise the part of Tyler in the threequel.

Grant Holmquist, The Hangover baby
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Mom Carrie Holmquist tells People that her pint-sized thespian loved hanging out with the guys — Zach Galifianakis in particular.


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“Zach did an amazing job loosening Grant up,” she says. “He’s the type of kid who’s very analytical and intelligent. So he kind of walks into a room and takes it all in first, so it was really nice to have those personalities warm up to him. [Now] when he sees him in the trailer or in the paper, he’ll go, ‘Oh, there's Zachy!’”


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By the way, Grant wasn’t the only little guy to play Tyler in the first Hangover — twin sister Avery and a few other baby girls played the tyke. Producers regularly use doubles to get around child labor restrictions — e.g. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House, Dylan and Cole Sprouse in Big Daddy, the Saunders triplets in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

The Hangover movies are Grant’s only credits so far, but we hope to see the towheaded guy on the big screen soon!