Top 10 Most Freakish Medical Cases of Grey\'s Anatomy
Top 10 Most Freakish Medical Cases of Grey’s Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy

Top 10 Most Freakish Medical Cases of Grey’s Anatomy


We've met hundreds of patients on Grey's so far, but most of them have humdrum, run-of-the-mill conditions like heart troubles or broken bones or gunshot wounds. So let's review the cases that weren't so forgettable — the ones that were pretty freakin' weird.

10. Mercurial novelist (Season 2)
Alex is taken aback (to say the least!) when his patient reveals that the "garbage" he ate (and is now having trouble expelling) is actually all the pages of his manuscript, which he calls "unmitigated crap." The guy says, hilariously, "I wanted to, literally, put it behind me." But when he still acts whacked-out after surgery, the doctors deduce that the pages gave the writer mercury poisoning.

9. Judy Dolls (Season 2)
Here’s another case of someone swallowing something they shouldn't have! At first, the doctors assume a patient with a bowel obstruction swallowed drugs, but the x-rays reveal a much weirder story: the patient swallowed 10 Judy Doll heads. Bailey says she used to collect Judy Dolls, but pulling them out of Mr. Hubble's intestines probably made her less of a fan.

8. Spontaneous orgasms (Season 2)
A patient comes through the hospital doors with an unusual complaint: she's been having "episodes" several times a day. At first, her condition is ridiculed and even envied. But she convinces the doctors that it is way less than ideal, and they fix her so that she only has "episodes" when she wants to.
7. Chainsaw guy (Season 4)
When Bailey refuses to amputate the leg of a man with body dysmorphic disorder, he steals a chainsaw to take matters into his own hands. Gnarly!

6. Toxic blood (Season 3)
The herbal supplements a cancer patient is taking react with her chemotherapy and make her blood toxic, causing her surgeons to pass out in the operating room. The docs try going in with oxygen masks, but when their supply runs out, they have to take 20-second shifts until the surgery is complete.

5. 60-pound tumor (Season 1)
Bailey instructs the interns to not express surprise when she unveils Annie Connors and her beach-ball-sized tumor — a tumor which is, incidentally, crushing her lungs. The interns are all duly shocked. Cristina and George are lucky enough to get in on the marathon surgery, but poor Annie doesn't make it.

4. Lion-faced teen (Season 2)
Fifteen-year-old Jake Burton is admitted to hospital with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, which results in calcium build-ups on the skull. He tells an unsettled Cristina to think of him as a lion if it helps. He goes into surgery because the tumors are putting pressure on his brain, but he doesn't survive. With the permission of Jake's parents, Alex and Cristina fulfill his last wish and make his face normal.

3. Pregnant Guy (Season 1)
Izzie, Cristina, and Meredith think they've found the medical case of a lifetime when they meet a man who claims to be pregnant and looks the part. He even has a positive pregnancy test to prove it. But, it turns out to be a teritoma — a ginormous mass of cells. Yeah, way less cool.

2. Bonnie and Tom (Season 2)
A metal pole impales two passengers, Bonnie and Tom, during a train crash — and they both survive, albeit stuck face-to-face on the pole. In the midst of this absurd situation, the two of them become friends, but the doctors grimly discover that they have to move one of them off the pole to save the other. Because Tom's injuries are less severe, they decide to sacrifice Bonnie's life to save Tom's. Bonnie peacefully accepts her fate.
1. Cement guy (Season 4)
A teen lies down in cement to impress a girl and promptly becomes encased (what'd he think would happen?). He and his new boulder exterior are transported to Seattle Grace, where everyone chips in — and chips away. Despite a nearly exploding bladder and a stopped heart, the guy survives. Better yet, he gets the girl!

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