‘The Vampire Diaries’ Ratings: Examining Premiere & Finale Viewership
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The Vampire Diaries

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Ratings: Examining Premiere & Finale Viewership


Here’s the hard truth: The Vampire Diaries ratings just keep getting worse.

This remains the harsh reality despite the show having somewhat of a creative revival in Season 7 and handling Nina Dobrev’s departure the best way they could.

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Wetpaint took a look at each season of The CW series' premiere and finale ratings and put them in a handy-dandy graph for you to see the (almost) constant downtick year after year.

Check it out:

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As a big fan of TVD since the very start, it’s hard to look at these numbers. Despite whatever personal feelings we might have about the show, this graph is pretty telling.

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With Season 8 already confirmed and it possibly being the beginning of the end, here are five reasons the upcoming season should be our final trip to Mystic Falls:

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1. The biggest discrepancy between premiere and finale is Season 1.

Most times there’s not a huge gap between a season’s premiere and finale ratings, but that cannot be said for Season 1. Despite being the most buzzed-about season and raking in the big fans of the book, there was a 1.44 million drop. Even Season 5, which happens to be our least favorite, only lost 0.98 million from start to end.

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2. Ratings only improved once when looking at year-over-year numbers.

On this entire graph there’s only one slight uptick: the Season 3 premiere to the Season 4 premiere. It might be small, but that addition of 0.08 million viewers is one of the only bright spots in this collection of data.

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3. Finales are always lower than premieres.

This one seems pretty obvious, but it’s important to note that finales always come in lower than the premieres. This trend could mean disaster for future ratings — which brings us to the conclusion that…

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4. CW ratings tend to be ticking up, but TVD just keeps going down.

While we don’t have the exact numbers for each and every CW series airing these days, the network is obviously garnering lots of buzz. With shows like Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend snagging Golden Globes and all the superhero shows bringing in the most viewership, it seems TVD is one of the franchises dropping off the map.

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5. Season 8’s premiere or finale could dip below 1 million viewers.

If the correlation with these numbers and the trends we’ve discovered continue, it’s entirely possible the premiere and the finale could dip below 1 million viewers. The Season 7 finale was teetering on the cliff and if we have another 0.5 million drop in the premiere ratings, the days of being seen by 1 million eyes is long gone.

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The one way to fix the ratings for Season 8 seems to be clear: The CW needs to announce that this will indeed be the last season and that will (hopefully) get all the loyal fans to return.