The Voice’s Melanie Martinez Reacts to Adam Levine’s Offer to Beat Up Her Ex — Exclusive
The Voice’s Melanie Martinez Reacts to Adam Levine’s Offer to Beat Up Her Ex — Exclusive
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The Voice’s Melanie Martinez Reacts to Adam Levine’s Offer to Beat Up Her Ex — Exclusive


In last night’s live show, Team Adam’s Melanie Martinez poured out her heart for America when she revealed she’d just endured a painful breakup. The Voice contestant channelled her pain into her performance of Alex Clare’s “Too Close” and reaped all the benefits.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the singer on the red carpet following her live show performance where she opened up about her breakup and her coach’s reaction.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Are you still shocked to be here at this point in the competition?

Melanie Martinez: I’m ridiculously shocked. I feel crazy. This is an amazing opportunity and I’m just really excited to be here.

What’s it like being the youngest person in the competition?

I still can’t believe that I’m the youngest. All these contestants — we’re like family. They are all like my big brothers and sisters and I’m super excited to get to share this experience with them. It’s weird being the youngest. I feel like it’s great because I get to learn from the others and it makes me grow as an artist, and I’m really happy about that.

How did you feel about your performance tonight?

I feel like I emotionally gave it my all and I worked on all the things that I needed to work on and did them on stage. I hope that America will like it.

You looked a little bit emotional when you were up there performing. Did you have your ex in mind when you were performing tonight?

Yeah. All my personal experiences were kind of just thrown in there and it was quite emotional, but I’m just excited to move past that and really focus on myself and music.

And Adam volunteered to kick someone’s ass for you if you needed that ...


Would you ever take him up on that offer?

I don’t know! [Laughs] I don’t know about that. I find that really funny. He’s hysterical.

Did you have any involvement designing your set for tonight?

Actually, it was all by the people in the back, but I was telling them how I wanted it very Mumford and Sons, like with the band and the bass next to me and the lights. It was very much a collaboration, but they definitely gave some great advice for it. I’m just excited about how it turned out.

Last week you had some of your photography in your outfit and in some of the visuals. Will you do anything like that going forward?

If I have the chance, I definitely will be. I mean, I hope. I thought it was really cool last week with the dress and everything. Wardrobe came to me with the idea of the dress and I was like, “Oh my God. That’s great. That’s awesome.” Hopefully in the future, if I make it past this.

What do you have planned for the upcoming shows?

I’m just going to do songs that represent me as an artist. If that means changing up a song that is popular and on the radio, I’m just going to do me. I don’t know what’s really going to happen next. I’m kind of thinking about the moment right now. One day at a time.

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