‘The Walking Dead’: 7 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is the Coolest TV Character Ever
Daryl and His Bow in The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere.
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’: 7 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is the Coolest TV Character Ever


The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres 7 days from today, which means it’s also the start of Wetpaint’s Walking Dead Week.

Each day leading up to the highly-anticipated premiere we’ll be coming out with a new feature counting down to October 11. To kick things off, we’ve got 7 reasons why TWD’s Daryl Dixon, played by the super-skilled Norman Reedus, is the coolest TV character ever. It was pretty hard to cut it down to just seven.

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He Rides a Motorcycle

Is there anything cooler than a motorcycle? Daryl’s had his fair share of cool rides throughout his time on the show (including muscle cars and even other bikes) but the motorcycle he got from Aaron upon arriving at the Alexandria Safe Zone really takes the cake.

The killer motorcycle was built by the folks at Classified Moto, and we hope Daryl is able to hang onto it for many seasons to come.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Daryl Dixon
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He Snacks on Squirrels

Daryl is truly a salt of the earth kinda guy. While the sheltered residents of Alexandria were busy with their potlucks and wine and cheese parties, Daryl was busy chowing down on squirrel meat and moonshine, and we love him for it.

He Doesn’t Need a Significant Other
For years TWD viewers have been praying Daryl will start up a relationship with one of the female survivors, and while we’re huge Caryl fans, there’s something even sexier about the idea that Daryl doesn’t really need a gal at his side. He’s a lone wolf and, for us, that only makes him even cooler.

He Turned His Life Around
When we first met Daryl in TWD Season 1, he was headed nowhere — and fast. Much like his less appealing brother Merle, Daryl was a jobless, racist, backwoods boy with zero future.

The apocalypse is where Daryl has been truly able to shine. He’s changed dramatically over the course of the show, and his evolution from deadbeat to integral member of our band of survivors is one of the best character arcs we’ve seen on the small screen to date.

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

He’s an Expert Walker Killer
Though we’re betting Daryl’s pre-apocalyptic days consisted of watching TV and swigging beers, he quickly adapted into someone who could not only survive, but thrive, in a world overrun with walkers. Daryl’s expertise at tracking and killing walkers is just part of what makes him so awesome.

He’s Easy on the Eyes
Let’s get real, part of Daryl’s massive appeal has to do with the fact that he’s easy on the eyes. He wears the dirt and grime of the road well, and we love the way his leather vest — AKA his current sartorial choice — shows off his huge guns.

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He’s Not Afraid to Cry

A lot of what we’ve focused on thus far has to do with Daryl’s macho persona, but we also love him because he’s a complex and layered character who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. 

Merle’s death scene and the way he comforted Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) after the death of her boyfriend at the start of Season 4 are just two instances that illustrate Daryl’s softer side.

The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres with a 90-minute episode on October 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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