‘The Walking Dead’s’ Danai Gurira Dishes on Negan and Her Charity — Exclusive
Danai Gurira
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Danai Gurira

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Danai Gurira Dishes on Negan and Her Charity — Exclusive


While The Walking Dead fans may absolutely hate Negan’s character, actress Danai Gurira is shedding a different light on the villain.

The actress who plays Michonne admitted the newcomer is “a deeply important character” to the show even though he may be a “dictator-like tyrant.”

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“I figured of course there had to be someone who is a bit dictator-like tyrant coming along in a new world. They always come — and here he is,” she told Wetpaint.

Negan Prepares to Kill Someone in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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“The world ended so of course people start to create their own societies and start to edge out and dominate others.

“It’s a darker age where things that we sorted out in the previous world are no longer sorted out.”

And the actress/playwright reveals fans will see how the world has evolved and how people will adapt in the upcoming Season 7.

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“It’s a really rich tapestry, and it's something that we’ve worked very hard on. We really seek to bring something powerful and palpable to TV” she said of the team behind the hit show.

“Everybody is working very, very hard and I’m excited to share it. It’s an important moment for us.”

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Although fans are shaky about Negan’s character, they seem to love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who portrays him — and Danai is with them!

“Oh, I love JDM. He’s awesome, he’s a great guy,” she gushed.

“He was amazing — just amazing. He fit right into the fabric of The Walking Dead family.”

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Meanwhile, when Danai is not busy being the badass sword-wielding Michonne on the show, she is being even more badass in real life with her charity work.

Michonne Slays Walkers in The Walking Dead Season 6
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The 38-year-old started her own non-profit organization Love Our Girls, which brings female voices front and center, and recently partnered with Johnson & Johnson to bring awareness of the HIV epidemic in Africa.

“I was very excited to partner with Johnson & Johnson and do work in this area and in the issue of global health” she told us.

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The campaign aims to create large-scale change for health systems and promotes prenatal health care, child immunization and polio eradication.

We were already a huge fan of Danai through her portrayal of Michonne, but now we love her even more.

Keep inspiring the world!

Danai Gurira
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