These Pics of Olivia\'s Mouth on \'The Bachelor\' Will Haunt Your Dreams
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The Bachelor

These Pics of Olivia’s Mouth on ‘The Bachelor’ Will Haunt Your Dreams


If we passed the Ben Higgins chemistry test with flying colors, we'd have our jaws on the floor at all times too!

It's only week 2 of Bachelor 2016 and contestant Olivia Caridi is already becoming a viral internet meme...all because of her large mouth.

Twitter — and the live after show with Chris Harrison — had a field day with Olivia screenshots after the January 11 episode. This Texas news anchor is either waiting to be hand-fed by producers all the time, or she's just that excited about being on reality TV.

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Either way, this video ABC put together is on par with Andi Dorfman's "staaaaahp" compilation.

And by the looks of it, Olivia's big mouth may get her into trouble with the other contestants. She is certainly not shy and has been super forward with getting Ben's attention over the past couple of weeks, snagging both the First Impression Rose and the Group Date Rose at the love lab.

You know what they say: big mouth, big...heart?