Tiny Harris Attempting to Get T.I.’s Sidepiece Bernice Burgos Banned from BET Awards — Report
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Tiny Harris

Tiny Harris Attempting to Get T.I.’s Sidepiece Bernice Burgos Banned from BET Awards — Report


While Tiny Harris and estranged husband T.I. seem to have accepted their impending divorce, the singer is reportedly still in her feelings regarding alleged sidepiece, Bernice Burgos.

In fact, the reality show star is reportedly aiming to keep the model as far away from her as possible, attempting to get Bernice banned from Sunday night’s BET Awards.


Tiny is already scheduled to perform for the huge gathering, as she and good friend Kandi Burruss, as well as LaTocha and Tamika Scott of Xscape, will make their official return as a group during the broadcast.



The 41-year-old is reportedly a bit nervous about the onstage reunion, according to sources at Hollywood Life.  

“Tiny has a lot of nerves over this BET performance. It’s [Xscape’s] first performance in 15 years — she can’t help but have some anxiety.



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“She wants everything to be perfect and drama free.”

For Tiny, that means avoiding Bernice at all costs, a request she reportedly made to producers of the awards show.


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“Obviously, there’s only so much she can control, but one thing that she can do is try to have Bernice banned from the awards show.


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“She knows Bernice is thirsty enough to show up there just to get associated with her and she does not want that. She’s made her wishes to have Bernice blocked from the show very clear.”


BET reportedly didn’t guarantee Bernice wouldn’t be there, but seem willing to accommodate the star since her name is so much bigger than the Instagram model’s.


This follows several jabs thrown back and forth on social media, including Tiny calling Bernice a “pass around bitch,” and checking her on Wendy Williams.


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“First of all, I stepped to him [T.I.] like, ‘Uh, don’t she know her place? She’s supposed to be quiet.’ Every woman, that’s not the woman knows that you’re supposed to be quiet.”


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The BET Awards air Sunday, June 25 at 8 p.m. ET on BET.