The Bachelor’s 7 Most Memorable First Night Moments
The Bachelor’s 7 Most Memorable First Night Moments

The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s 7 Most Memorable First Night Moments


Here we go again! We're just a few days away from The Bachelor Season 19 premiere and ABC has promised us some first-night drama, courtesy of this gal and her love for the Four Horseman (aka Jack Daniel's, Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, and Jose Cuervo). There's always one. Sometimes there's more than one.

In honor of Chris Soules' first night of rose-giving-and-denying, we’re scrolling back through The Bachelor scrapbook to share seven memorable moments from premieres past. This is just for The Bachelor, mind you, it’s not counting Drunk Tim and all the crazy stuff from The Bachelorette or — what a list! — anything from the first nights on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. However, with 18 seasons of The Bachelor behind us, you don’t need to worry about coming up with enough memorable moments to fill several lists.

The Bachelor’s 7 Most Memorable First Night Moments
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1. Jesse picks the wrong girl

Awkward! Every season the question comes up: “How do the Bachelors and Bachelorettes remember the names of all the contestants on the premiere?” They don’t have to memorize all 25-30 names at once — they dole out roses a few at a time. But sometimes things still go wrong. Back on The Bachelor Season 5, quarterback Jesse Palmer accidentally offered a rose to Katie when he meant Karen. "I'm very embarrassed to tell you this," Jesse had to admit. "Katie, I accidentally called out the wrong name giving that last rose." Then he had to correct the mistake, humiliating poor Katie, but also giving her the option of staying, if she felt like it. And she did! Major dignity fumbles all around. Funnily enough, a similar mistake occurred on Juan Pablo Galavis' Season 18 (courtesy of Kylie Lewis), but we're still giving Jesse props since he was first.

2. Stacey’s panties

Poor Stacey and her panties. Every time we write about the craziest things people do on The Bachelor, we always drag Ms. Elza’s name into the mix. She will always be remembered for getting so drunk on the Season 12 premiere that she gave Matt Grant a pair of panties — a spare pair, not the ones she was wearing — before falling asleep before the rose ceremony (where she was denied a rose). Why she hasn’t been offered a spot on Bachelor in Paradise is still a mystery.

3. Jenna plays The Crying Game

"How do you maintain sanity" while competing on The Bachelor? Jenna Burke posed the question on Ben Flajnik's premiere, then illustrated the difficulty by skillfully avoiding sanity the entire night. She got into a strange girl-feud with Monica Spannbauer, saying Monica emotionally attacked her. Later, she and Monica made an awkward attempt at peace, with Jenna dropping the instant classic quote, "Maybe we can share a tampon sometime." The whole process was just too much for fragile Jenna. As Chris Harrison wrote in his premiere night blog, "Jenna locked herself in the bathroom and was crying so much we weren’t sure she was even going to make it to the rose ceremony. We had to hold everything up and wait for her." The show made a meal of her tears, plugging them over and over in The Crying Girl promos. Poor Jenna. She's totally sane in real life!

4. Pick a Bachelor, any Bachelor!

It’d be so cool if they did this again. The premiere was a little different back on Season 6 in 2004. The bachelorettes had two Bachelors to choose from, pro fisherman Byron Velvick and businessman Jay Overbye. The two guys mingled with the ladies, and the women got to control the dating decision, voting on which man they wanted to stay as the Bachelor. Bryon ended up winning the vote 18-7. They should do this for Season 19.

5. Lindzi rides off with the rose

Ben’s season saved the best for last when Lindzi Cox literally rode up to the mansion on a horse. She quipped that her buddy’s name was First Impression Rose, but it was really Levi. Any time you show up with a gimmick like this, you run the risk of turning off the Bachelor. (Lindsay Yenter got close to the line with her wedding dress on Sean Lowe’s premiere.) But it worked big-time for Lindzi. She did get the first impression rose. However, she also got jealous girls wanting to claw her eyes out, snarking lines like "Screw you and the horse you rode in on.”

The Bachelor’s 7 Most Memorable First Night Moments
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6. Chantal’s slap

This moment is memorable mostly because ABC played it a thousand times in the promos before Season 15. Chantal O’Brien was first out of the limo and told Brad Womack she had something for him — slap! She added that it was “from every woman in America” as a thank you for not picking anyone at the end of Season 11. But it was more likely from the producers. Brad didn’t seem to mind it, although it launched a mini-controversy. Did it send a bad message, should he press charges for assault? If anything, Chantal should press charges against Kasey Kahl for stealing part of her speech on Bachelor Pad Season 2 — saying he wanted to punch Jake Pavelka on behalf of America and his girlfriend. Back off, man! That only works once.

7. Jillian’s hot dog theory

Jillian Harris’s hot dog theory — presented on the premiere of The Bachelor Season 13 — is still discussed today, and helped her nab the spot of Season 5 Bachelorette. On the premiere, Jillian brought Jason Mesnick into the Bachelor kitchen to test her theory, based on what condiments men put on their hot dogs. She goes into great detail about it here. Jillian said she was looking for a mustard guy and when Jason picked mustard she decided it made him good husband material. Don’t tell that to Melissa Rycroft!

This show is always packed with memorable first-night moments. Which ones are fresh in your mind? Maybe Kacie Boguskie showing up as the bonus contestant on Sean Lowe’s season? Or when Ashley Elmore dressed as a flight attendant for Jake Pavelka?