Trista and Ryan Sutter: A Look Back at the Couple’s Cutest Moments (PHOTOS)

The Bachelorette

Trista and Ryan Sutter: A Look Back at the Couple’s Cutest Moments (PHOTOS)


Trista and Ryan Sutter are The Bachelorette's OG couple, and they really stood the test of time. The veteran reality stars were married in an epic televised ceremony after Ryan popped the question during the Season 1 Finale, and get this: They're still together! In fact, they have two adorable kids. You can only imagine how thrilled Chris Harrison is about all this, by the way.

Trista and Ryan are currently living it up with their son and daughter in Eagle County, Colorado, where Ryan works as a ridiculously hunky firefighter (fires have never been so hot! [you're welcome for that]) and Trista spends her time being a best-selling author and full-time mom.

This couple are basically the dictionary definition of adorable, and we're bringing you their sweetest moments. Because A) there's literally nothing better than spending a few minutes clicking through cuteness, and B) now that all our favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette couples are biting the dust (looking at you Andi and Josh), we need something to keep us going through these dark times.

Check out the best pictures of Trista and Ryan's life post-Bachelorette, and don't worry — we definitely included a few snaps of their sweet kids, seven-year-old Maxwell and Blakesley, 6 — both of whom are the spitting image of their parents! Click through the gallery to relive the magic!