Trista Sutter’s Sweetest Mommy Moments With Max and Blakesley! (VIDEO)

Trista Rehn Sutter

Trista Sutter’s Sweetest Mommy Moments With Max and Blakesley! (VIDEO)


When you have a couple as good-looking and in love as Trista and Ryan Sutter, it just seems right that their kids would turn out equally as perfect! Bachelor Nation-ers met the first Bachelorette over a decade ago, and have loved watching her life evolved since then — especially when it comes to adding son Max and daughter Blakesley to their brood.


If you follow the Trista on Instagram, you know that the reality star turned author (and newest HGTV host!) is all about her little ones, who are both basically mini-mes of Ryan and herself. Now that Max is nearly 8 and Blakesley recently turned 6, the family can do a lot more together and are sure to make the most of their Colorado life.


So since they all spend so much time together, of course we get plenty of documentation via photos on social media. And of course they are just the cutest things ever!


From the looks of it, Trista is truly loving playing mama to these adorable kiddos. Check out the video above to see Trista’s sweetest mommy moments with her kids, whether it’s swimming, skiing, or simply storytime. Plus, note how much these two have grown up — time flies, huh?