Troian Bellisario Wanted to Get Killed Off ‘Pretty Little Liars’
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Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario Wanted to Get Killed Off ‘Pretty Little Liars’


Rosewood without Spencer Hastings? No thank you! But recently we learned one person wanted Spencer to get killed off Pretty Little Liars: Troian Bellisario.

Troian herself asked Marlene King and the people behind the scenes to kill her character, but it’s not why you think.

No, it’s not because Troian no longer wanted to work on the show — as can happen with some character deaths, like T.R. Knight on Grey’s Anatomy or Josh Charles on The Good Wife.

In fact, it was because she loved the show so much that she wanted to make it even better.

And of course, she wanted a cool death scene.

Troian explains why she petitioned to say goodbye to Spencer in an interview with W Magazine.

“I definitely tried [to get killed off]. A) You want a death scene, and B) On our show, your character becomes infinitely more interesting when you die,” Troian says.

Her remarks are very similar to Sophie Turner’s admission that she would like to be killed off Game of Thrones, strictly for the death scene.

“I don’t want to survive. If you’re on Game of Thrones and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?” Sophie said to The Wall Street Journal.

But Troian is also thinking about the show as a whole, and the danger “A” poses to the Liars.

“I honestly felt that for this world to be truly dangerous, one of the Liars would have to die. Otherwise, 'A' is just always putting them in danger and still saving them,” she adds.

Though in the summer finale of Season 7 it looked like Troian could get her wish, now it seems we’ll have Spencer at least until the very final episodes.

Sorry Troian, but please don’t kill her, Marlene.

Hopefully, Spencer’s brush with death after being shot — by an unknown gunman whom we now know wasn’t Jenna Marshall — ups the ante in danger enough for Troian.

Still, despite Troian’s wish for her character to be murdered, she knows how hard it was (and would have been) to leave Pretty Little Liars.

“I was 23 when we shot the pilot,” she says, now 31. “It’s longer than you go to high school for, it’s longer than you go to college; the only thing that has barely outlasted it in my life is the relationship with my now husband.”

“This will always be my family and my home. I know it will be so different from this point on, but I don’t know how I can really say goodbye to something that is so integral to me,” she adds.

We don’t know how we can say goodbye either.