True Detective Season 2: Brad Pitt Reportedly Under Consideration (VIDEO)


True Detective Season 2: Brad Pitt Reportedly Under Consideration (VIDEO)


Who will pick up where Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson left off when True Detective returns for Season 2? It’s a question that’s become the topic of a popular internet meme, but now it seems there are some serious discussions going on outside of Twitter. One name under serious consideration? Brad Pitt.

The A-list actor doesn’t really do television, but this isn’t TV — it’s HBO! Nic Pizzolatto’s crime anthology series has already generated a ton of Emmy buzz and critical acclaim, so Brad would be signing on with a show that already has plenty of cred.

Though casting the 12 Years a Slave actor might still seem like a long shot, it also bears mentioning that the first season starred this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Actor. Furthermore, Brad has an existing relationship with HBO as a producer on last year’s movie The Normal Heart.

Still, it seems like the ball is definitely in Brad’s court. An insider tells, “Brad’s name has come up many times” in discussions about Season 2, but whether or not his name turns up in the credits will depend almost entirely on his schedule and interest in the project.

What do you think — would Brad be perfect for this moody crime drama or should they go in another direction?