Tyrese Calls For Oscars 2016 Host Chris Rock to Step Down (VIDEO)
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Oscars 2016

Tyrese Calls For Oscars 2016 Host Chris Rock to Step Down (VIDEO)


The lack of diversity shown in the Oscars 2016 nominations has gotten Hollywood all abuzz and actor Tyrese Gibson has jumped into the fray.

After actress Jada Pinkett-Smith called for a boycott of the 88th Academy Awards ceremonies, several other celebs have also stepped to call out the Academy, including Furious 7 star, who went a step further by saying comedian Chris Rock should step down as host in solidarity for the movement.

While sitting down with People, the 37-year-old triple-threat said, “There is no joke that [Chris] can crack. There is no way for him to seize the moment and come into this thing and say, 'I'm going to say this and say that I'm going to address the issue but then I'm still going to keep my gig as the host.' The statement that you make is you step down."

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Ty continued to say, had the situation been an issue affecting the LGBT community, a “gay” host “would have stepped down already.”

Though strong in his beliefs, the “Shame” singer did, however, acknowledge the #OscarsSoWhite debate has cast a shadow on the accomplishments of well-deserving nominees — namely friend Leonardo DiCaprio, who was nominated for Best Actor.

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“I feel bad on behalf of Leo because I believe this is the year he finally wins an Oscar,” he said. “I wouldn’t want Leo to not get his trophy … I feel bad that this is the year it’s all going down.”

Before ending his statement, the former MTV VJ clarified the sentiments behind sitting out the Oscars are not rooted in hate.

"This is not us saying we're against the Oscars," he explained. "We're just saying, 'This is not cool.' You can't be doing this in 2016 and acting as if no one is going to notice."

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony airs live on February 28 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.