5 Most Devastating ‘Vampire Diaries’ Deaths of 2015
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Most Devastating ‘Vampire Diaries’ Deaths of 2015


If there’s one thing The Vampire Diaries does well — besides love triangles — it’s deaths.

2015 was a big year for the supernatural CW series as we bid farewell to a slew of characters of varying importances and, with us knocking on 2016’s door, we’re taking a look at the most devastating losses.

Just to be fair, Nina Dobrev’s on-screen persona Elena was omitted from the pool of eligible candidates since she’s technically just asleep. Remember that her life has been magically linked to Bonnie so she’s our own little Sleeping Beauty for the foreseeable future.

Now grab your box of tissues and proceed:

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5. Kai Parker

OK, so Kai’s death wasn’t exactly sad, but that doesn’t mean a little piece of us didn’t die when Damon decapitated him. Kai was one of the best villains TVD has ever had — sorry, Klaus! — and we’re just glad we got nearly an entire season of his demented antics.

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4. Josette Laughlin

We loved watching Jo and Alaric’s love story last season so when she (and her unborn twin babies) were murdered at the wedding altar, it was heartbreaking. It may have been somewhat of a rushed storyline but we just wanted to see Alaric happy for once.

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3. Elizabeth “Liz” Forbes

Liz is one of the only humans we’ve been exposed to on TVD. Caroline and her mom have always had an interesting dynamic but, when Liz’s cancer was introduced, it became quite complex. Liz’s death in the hospital bed surrounded by friends and family was haunting.

2. Florence

It might be controversial to put Florence’s death above Jo’s, but we’re doing it. When the gang revived Jo with the Phoenix Stone, they actually brought back an ancient vampire named Florence. She and Alaric shared a brief — albeit sublime — time together.

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1. Lily Salvatore

The death of Lily — Damon and Stefan’s mom — is still fresh on our minds and will likely influence the remaining episodes of Season 7 and beyond.

Besides the fact we loved having Annie Wersching on the show, the character’s complexity and naïveté was endearing and captivating. She was a troubled figure and her end on the show was the centerpiece of a season that’s successfully rejuvenating the series — at least creatively.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 midseason premiere airs Friday, January 29, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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