17 Things About ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Pilot You Probably Forgot
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The Vampire Diaries

17 Things About ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Pilot You Probably Forgot


Think you remember the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries? Well, think again.

It’s been nearly seven seasons since the supernatural teen drama debuted on The CW — that fateful day was September 10, 2009 to be exact — so it’s likely you forgot a thing or two about the hour of TV that started it all.

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Wetpaint completed the nostalgia-filled task of rewatching the series opener and came across quite a few things we had totally forgotten about.

Buckle up and get ready to timewarp back to the first time we visited Mystic Falls:


The first people we see aren’t main characters.

When the show opens, we’re introduced (momentarily) to Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton — played by Steve Belford and Cindy Busby respectively. But they don’t last long…


There are actual diaries.

Both Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore partake in the lost art of keeping diaries, though that’s not really the case these days.

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Bonnie Bennett thought she was psychic.

Yes, Bonnie was not privy to her witch powers yet and thought she was psychic. It’s a running joke throughout the first episode. (Also, this is probably the happiest this character will ever be. It’s all downhill from here.)


Matt Donovan was very sad.

Matt still wasn’t over his breakup with Elena, so we see him moping around for the entire episode.


It was sooo 2009.

Just look at this text Bonnie sent Elena during class about Stefan…


The show was super creepy.

Take, for example, this scene where Elena is in a graveyard being stalked by a crow/raven/some kind of bird and fog is rolling in. Very over-the-top goth.

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Caroline Forbes had a major crush on Stefan.

Caroline was the school busybody, and set her sights on Stefan the first moment she saw him in the hallway. She found out he was a Gemini and his favorite color was blue and said they were “planning a June wedding.”


Too bad he dumped her later at the bonfire. “Caroline, you and me, it’s not gonna happen,” he told her, not holding back at all. (Thanks, TV gods, for teasing Steroline.)


We’re introduced to Katherine Pierce.

Believe it or not, our favorite villain Katherine made her debut way back in the pilot thanks to a photo from 1864.

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We have a knockoff Alaric Saltzman.

Alaric doesn’t make his first appearance until later on in the first season, so we’re stuck listening to Mr. Tanner, the original history teacher.


Tyler Lockwood gets too handsy with Vicki Donovan.

During the bonfire, Tyler and Vicki make their way into the woods to find some privacy. Things get super awkward when she tells him “no” but he keeps trying to hook up with her.

Thankfully, Jeremy Gilbert — who we totally forgot was “deflowered” by Vicki — saves the day.


There are actually falls in Mystic Falls.

See the evidence in this adorable Stelena moment.

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Vicki dies — but just for a minute.

Vicki was attacked in the woods and later awakens in the hospital claiming to be a vampire.


Damon Salvatore gets little screen time.

Damon doesn’t even show up (fully) until about 30 minutes into the episode, but gets a meaty scene with Stefan where the brothers have the first vampire fight of the series.

(Also, we think this is the only instance where vampires have the power to control crows and fog.)


Little Gilbert is a little emo.

Jeremy definitely rocks black nail polish in this episode.


Daroline was almost a thing.

At the end of the episode, Damon and Caroline are seen making eyes at each other at Mystic Grill. Oh, the fanfiction this brief moment inspired…

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Stefan was basically a stalker.

Just look at him standing outside Elena’s house. Totally normal, right?


But clearly being a stalker works on this show.

In the end, Elena invites Stefan into her house, ensuring Stelena was here to stay. But we'll never forget we didn't get the kiss we were all hoping for!