‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Lily Dies in Season 7 Episode 8
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The Vampire Diaries

‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Lily Dies in Season 7 Episode 8


Well that was a bummer of a holiday season episode. The Vampire Diaries delivered a tragic story for its penultimate episode of the fall season — Season 7, Episode 8 (“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”). The Salvatores lost their mother for a second time. Caroline was relegated to her supernatural baby subplot. And Matt made some new friends who seem like a really bad influence.

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Here were the eight biggest moments from tonight’s episode:

Mary Louise and Nora are engaged!

Don’t get too attached. The engagement doesn’t seem to last long. That doesn’t take away from its loveliness, however. It’s the anniversary of their commitment to one another, and Julian is throwing them a shindig. The party is great (if you are a vampire who is into eating people), but what Mary Louise really wants is for Nora to say yes to her proposal.

She does, and it is beautiful. It’s pretty cool that the most passionate relationship currently on this show is a same-sex one. Especially given TVD’s history of neglecting its (few) homosexual characters’ love lives. Here. For. It.

Credit: Annette Brown/The CW    

Valerie tells her family the truth about Julian.

Well, this was an emotional scene that we did not expect to get us. The Heretics have always been a fascinating bunch, but we haven’t always believed that they legitimately care about one another. That changed with their reactions to Valerie’s story of Julian’s abuse. The way they all embraced Valerie is a testament to the family Lily has built. They may get frustrated with Lily’s rules, but you can tell that they wouldn’t change it. They love her unconditionally. She has given them all somewhere to belong, which is tragically unfortunate given what happens later in the episode…

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Mary Louise chooses Julian’s side.

The plan to de-link Julian from Lily and kill him is going swimmingly, until Mary Louise starts to have doubts. To be fair, it has hard to keep track of who is betraying/lying to whom in this family unit and it does seem weird that, for more than a 100 years, this situation had never come to a head.

But that probably didn’t stop most viewers from face-palming when Mary Louise took out Valerie and Damon and freed Julian. This decision would not only cost Mary Louise the thing she holds dearest — aka Nora — but Lily. Because, when Julian ties both Damon and Valerie up and forces Lily to choose which of them will die, Lily makes the only choice she knows how: she chooses herself.

Credit: Annette Brown/The CW    

Lily dies.

Lily’s reasoning is that, if she kills herself, Julian, too, will die. But unbeknownst to the group, Mary Louise has performed the spell to de-link Julian and Lily. Which means it is only Lily that suffers this terrible fate. Though we’re totally bummed that Lily had to go, it’s a pretty fitting end for a fierce woman who has vowed to do anything she can to protect her children.

This show was constantly trying to convince us that Lily’s morality was questionable, but — as far as we can tell — she has been one of the most moral, selfless, loyal characters on this show (Elena-napping, notwithstanding). Sure, that’s not a very hard test to win given the bad choices so many of these characters have made over the season, but Lily may just be too darn heroic for this show of anti-heroes.

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Maybe we’re the only ones, but we felt like her death was a bit premature. Like this story and character arc was just starting to ramp up. We know that people die IRL without having completed character arcs, but — in our fiction — we like to see a character used to the best of his or her ability. Yes, Lily’s death is affecting, but not as affecting as her continued life could have been for this drama.

Though our irritation that a tiny stake to the chest would do in a centuries-old vampire distracted us a bit from this death scene, it was hard not to get a little choked up as each of Lily’s children said goodbye. (Well, almost all of them.)

And Damon refuses to say goodbye.

Ugh. Damon was THE WORST. That look of disgust that Stefan gave him after Lily had died? Very cathartic in our opinion. We know he has felt abandoned by his mother and he’s still pissed Lily has kept him from seeing Elena for the next 60 years, but there’s a difference between an understandable and a compassionate response — a difference between what you think someone will do and what you hope they do.

This was totally in character for Damon, but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t disappointing. We hope there are some repercussions to this choice — and think there will be. Damon is obviously still thinking about it three years later, so that is sad. The selfish choice is never the fun choice in the end — at least not on TV.

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Credit: Annette Brown/The CW    

Caroline tells Stefan about her pregnancy — and he (eventually) tells her he loves her.

Poor Caroline. Relegated to the C plot. Did anyone else think it was a little weird that she was just hanging out in her dorm room while Damon and Stefan tried to save their mother’s life? Like, maybe she could have been helpful? We really hope her entire story arc is about this supernatural pregnancy moving forward. Not only does this character deserve better, but it would be frustrating to see the show reinforce the idea that, once a woman becomes pregnant, everything else in her life stops. Like she is only her pregnancy. We’ll see. Not ready to give up on Caroline’s other storylines yet.

Point is: Caroline told Stefan about her pregnancy and he had not the worst reaction ever, but basically a non-reaction, which was pretty bad, too. Luckily, he knew that he screwed up and Caroline, who understands how weird this all is, was very understanding and patient in letting him get to the point at which he could give a real reaction (after asking for his mother’s advice on the matter, of course). He tells Caroline that he loves her and she is not alone, and it is beautiful.

Matt has new friends and they’ve kidnapped Enzo.

This felt a little out in left field, but we’re guessing Matt’s new friends may eventually connect back to the flash forward plot in some way. Who else could they be? Regardless, they seem very interested in Enzo, which is weird, but not any weird than TVD pretending that Lily, who has ever shown any real interest in Enzo, is going to make out with him on the same day she’s trying to plot her current boyfriend’s demise.

Maybe it’s just us, but the Lily and Enzo thing always felt underdeveloped. This could potentially just be an Enzo problem. A few seasons into his character, I’m still not really sure if the show knows what to do with him. He has never been more interesting (and less of a dick) than he was in his introductory episode, and that’s a problem for a series regular.

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The future assassin has Damon.

Contrary to what Damon (and we) thought we saw in the beginning of this flash forward, the assassin in question is not Lily. It was only Damon’s guilt-and-werewolf-venom-fueled hallucinations that made it seem that way. This eliminates one more person from our list of suspects, while simultaneously confirming Lily’s permanent (at least for three years) death.

But who could the mystery assassin be? Our money’s still on Valerie, though it would be VERY cool if it were somehow Elena. Who’s with us?

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