A Delena Proposal Scene Was Cut from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale
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A Delena Proposal Scene Was Cut from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale


We did learn in The Vampire Diaries series finale that Damon and Elena lived a long and happy life together before Damon died (it seems) and ended up in peace with his brother Stefan.

But there was almost even better news: There was supposed to be a Delena proposal in the series finale, but the scene was cut from the final episode.

What, why?!

Noticeably, Damon and Elena didn’t even have speaking scenes together in The Vampire Diaries series finale.

It wasn’t that much of a disappointment, though, because we got one seriously awesome reunion complete with a jumping hug and kiss. And then, as they walked hand in hand through Mystic Falls, a voiceover let us know that they definitely lived out their lives happy together.

So, we can assume if they didn’t actually get married, they did live as a couple for their own forevers.

Kevin Williamson spilled on why the proposal was cut.

Turns out, the original cut of the finale was 18 minutes over time. (Come on The CW, can’t you give them another half hour?!)

“We actually had a moment, which we didn’t have time for … where [Damon] proposed and [Elena] responded after medical school,” Kevin told TVGuide.

“And the whole point of that moment was just to show that she became a doctor. And so we thought, ‘Oh, we’ll just put her in scrubs and we can cut that piece,’” he added.

We have so many thoughts right now.

For one: We probably shouldn’t tell Delena lovers that the “whole point of that moment” was to show that Elena became a doctor, because the whole point was to see our OTP dreams come true.

Not that we aren’t ecstatic that Elena became a doctor, because we are. But Delena feels!

Second: What does he mean by “Elena responded.” Did she say yes? We’re assuming she said yes, but is it possible she said no?

Third: Hey, after the track record weddings have on this show, maybe it’s good that we never saw a full-blown Delena proposal and wedding.

There was the bloodbath that was Alaric and Jo’s wedding, which is nearly too sad to talk about.

Then, Stefan sacrificed his life to save Mystic Falls and basically everyone just days after his wedding to Caroline. (Oh, now we’re crying again.)

And finally, our last thought is: where can we start a petition to see that scene in its entirety?

Kevin Williamson, please share!

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