Fight the Undead in This ‘Pokemon Go’ Style ‘The Walking Dead’ AR Game
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The Walking Dead

Fight the Undead in This ‘Pokemon Go’ Style ‘The Walking Dead’ AR Game


Still obsessed with Pokemon Go? Kinda over it but wishing for the next big AR game?

The Walking Dead fans’ dreams are about to come true — you can now live through an actual (sorta) zombie apocalypse.


TWD is getting its very own Pokemon Go style augmented reality game titled Walking Dead: Our World, Variety reports.


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But instead of catching critters, you’ll be fighting off hordes of zombies.


Walker Stalkers will have an arsenal of zombie slaying weapons at their disposal.


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Guns, swords, and grenades are just a few of the available tools in store.


Don’t worry, zombie fans. You won’t be expected to take on the apocalypse alone.


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Famous characters from the TV show, like Rick, Daryl, and Michonne, will pop in from time to time to help you fight back the ravenous hordes.


So far, no word has been given on the expected release date for this game.


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But it will be available on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

So, basically, everyone has a shot at becoming a Ricktator.


Our World is being developed by Next Games, the minds behind TWD’s monster hit game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.


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There are also virtual reality games in the works through Skydance Interactive.

The end times are (virtually) real, people!


Check out the action-packed trailer below!


Are you prepared to fight the undead? What’s your apocalypse survival plan?

Let us know in the comments!


Credit: Next Games/AMC    

The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.