‘The Walking Dead’s Carol Was Nearly Killed Off in Season 3
Carol Disguised as a Wolf in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’s Carol Was Nearly Killed Off in Season 3


We can’t imagine The Walking Dead without Carol Peletier, but apparently Melissa McBride’s now iconic character was nearly killed off back in Season 3.

According to TWD executive producer Greg Nicotero, Carol almost met her Maker several years ago, but another character ended up dying in her place, paving the way for the awesome ass kicker/amateur baker we now know and love.

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“Not a lot of people know that when we were shooting Season 3, in the episode where T-Dog died, there was a moment where Carol was going to die in lieu of T-Dog's character,” Greg told SFX Magazine.

“At that point there was some concern in the writers' room that they didn't know where to take her character,” he added. “So the fact that [showrunner] Scott Gimple and the writers have been able to craft this amazing journey for her just goes to show that there is a tremendous amount of story to tell for a lot of these characters.”

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You can say that again!

Out of all the characters on TWD, Carol’s trajectory has probably been one of our favorites to watch. She’s gone from a timid, abused housewife to the show’s resident bad ass, and she’s not done yet.

Last we saw the cookie maker she was battling Morgan Jones after finding out he was harboring a Wolf, and we can’t wait to see what the back half of Season 6 has in store for her!

The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason premiere airs Sunday, February 14, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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