Yes! Lots More Carol to Come in the Second Half of TWD\'s Season 7
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The Walking Dead

Yes! Lots More Carol to Come in the Second Half of TWD’s Season 7


The Walking Dead's Carol has been absent from much of Season 7 having been squirreled away outside the Kingdom in an effort to avoid the brutality of the apocalypse.

Thankfully, Melissa McBride promises we'll see much more of her character in the second half of the season.

Carol Surrenders in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15
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The former housewife has called a halt to the action while dealing with feelings of immense guilt over the lives she has been forced to take in order to survive.

Fans have been wondering when she will return to combat. But Melissa is reveling in the down time. "I’m glad she’s taking a little time for herself," she says.

Carol Bakes Cookies in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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The actress does kind of wish Carol would hurry up and get back to the fighting, but she understands the trauma her character has been through.

The actress told Vanity Fair, “I just want to hug her … I want her to come around. But I get how it is.”

We get it, too, Melissa. Life after the end of the world has to be tough.

the walking dead season 7 shiva king ezekiel
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As for Carol's entertaining meeting with the eccentric King Ezekiel, Melissa says she would have played that one very differently.

the walking dead king ezekiel
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“Oh, gosh. I think if that were me going into that auditorium, I’d be like, ‘No way! What are you doing? Who are you? What are you? Seriously? Are you for real? Oh my gosh, can I pet your tiger? I want to be part of your production here, this is fun; what kind of costumes do you have in the back?’ That would be me. ‘Sure, I’ll have a pomegranate!’" 


Carol Disguised as a Wolf in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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Whether or not Carol will return to fighting form in the second half of Season 7 remains to be seen — Melissa admits her character will remain conflicted.

Either way, there will be much more of her in the coming episodes, and that's just fine with us!

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